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GOP Healthcare Plan vs Affordable Care Act

Carrie Tabor affordable care act healthy aging Medicare

GOP Healthcare Plan vs Affordable Care Act Will it Affect You? By Carrie Tabor   The answer to the above question is: unless you live in a vacuum yes it will affect you. But the real question is how will it affect you?  According to a relative of mine who is a doctor under the current affordable healthcare plan for every $1 that is billed the ACA pay 12 cents. Now let’s just think about this for a minute. If you are employed and your employer says I will pay you a $1 an hour but when you get your...

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Carrie Tabor isolation Loneliness retirement

  By Carrie Tabor Well I have taken some time off, temporarily left Facebook, retreated into my introverted cave for reflection. So here is what I found: I didn’t like the reflection starring back at me. As I get older I want things to be easier, after all this is the example that my parents gave me. However as their child, regardless of my age, they never showed the struggle. I am sure there were many struggles. My Dad had many physical issues that I am quite sure were a constant concern. So I don’t think life gets easier. In...

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Wheel Chair Evolution

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Do you need a wheelchair, but you are not sure what would suit you? Or you might be having doubts on buying manually operated wheelchairs. We can help you decide and cater to your decisions as well. Like cars, wheelchairs have evolved to meet different needs of different users. Modern wheelchairs have different styles and models. Each has different purpose and permits a lot of adjustments. Wheelchairs were changed according to foot support positioning, arm support adjustment, joystick positioning and upholstery placement. These are called powered wheelchairs. The other main category is 'scooters'. The two differ on the way they...

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Give Thanks by Moving Forward

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  By Carrie Tabor   I would like to share a thought with you today. The thought revolves around the word reclaim. Reclaim in its broadest sense means to take back. But today I am tired. I am tired of the demonstrations and riots, I am tired of the whiners, and I am tired of the celebrators. I am tired of people constantly thinking that it is the job of a Federal, State, or local government to solve problems. In truth friends it is our job to reclaim.  So if you are worried about certain people groups and their potential...

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Scientists Create Heart Cells Better, Faster, Stronger

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Scientists Create Heart Cells Better, Faster, Stronger Fri, 11/11/2016 - 9:27am by Gladstone Institutes, an article first published in   Scientists at the Gladstone Institutes identified two chemicals that improve their ability to transform scar tissue in a heart into healthy, beating heart muscle. The new discovery advances efforts to find new and effective treatments for heart failure. Heart failure afflicts 5.7 million Americans, costs the country $30.7 billion every year, and has no cures. When heart muscle is damaged, the body is unable to repair the dead or injured cells. Gladstone scientists are exploring cellular reprogramming -- turning...

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