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Alexa Order My Prescriptions

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What Does the Future of Healthcare look like?  Read this very interesting article entitled “Soon You won’t need the Broken Healthcare System.  Alexa call the Doctor.” The concept of internet healthcare is finally taking hold. Many insurance companies allow you to teleconference with your Dr.  This service saves you time driving to the Dr. and allows the Dr. to more effectively manage their time.  Now comes the idea of ordering your prescriptions online. Some insurance companies allow you to order your pharmaceuticals from Canada because these prescription drugs do cost less. However this article puts forward the idea of...

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Elephant in the Room

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There are a few issues that as we reach retirement age become elephants in the room. Yes gentle giant ideas that no one wants to deal with it. Some people are talking about it but we don’t want to deal with it. However if we don’t start at least talking about these ideas they will become the King Kong of problems and issues in the near future.  The first issue is Medicare. I completely understand that some of us can’t wait to get on Medicare because our current health insurance premiums are incredibly high. However just like other insurances Medicare...

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Veterans special

Bold Apps

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What to do if a love one has fallen?

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The first thing is to make sure they are alert and can respond to you.  The 2nd thing to do is to help them up, being sensitive to how they feel, by not using jerking movements or being too close to them to make them nervous. Move a chair to within arms reach.  Do not pull only on the arms but if you can get behind them and lift their shoulders.  Once back upright move a chair to them so they can sit and collect themselves.

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Safe Exercises for People with Heart Failure

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Safe Exercises for People with Heart Failure By Carrie Tabor Regular, aka daily exercise, for people with heart failure is very important because it improves the heart lung health, can lower high blood pressure, and may help you lose some weight. Zubin Eapen, MD, associate professor of medicine at Duke University states that “daily aerobic activity in reasonable amounts is the one thing we know that’s really beneficial and can improve outcomes for heart patients.” Once you have completed your cardio rehab program you can begin to think about these other exercise options. You should not exercise on your own...

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