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Wheel Chair Evolution

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Do you need a wheelchair, but you are not sure what would suit you? Or you might be having doubts on buying manually operated wheelchairs. We can help you decide and cater to your decisions as well. Like cars, wheelchairs have evolved to meet different needs of different users. Modern wheelchairs have different styles and models. Each has different purpose and permits a lot of adjustments. Wheelchairs were changed according to foot support positioning, arm support adjustment, joystick positioning and upholstery placement. These are called powered wheelchairs. The other main category is 'scooters'. The two differ on the way they...

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Give Thanks by Moving Forward

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  By Carrie Tabor   I would like to share a thought with you today. The thought revolves around the word reclaim. Reclaim in its broadest sense means to take back. But today I am tired. I am tired of the demonstrations and riots, I am tired of the whiners, and I am tired of the celebrators. I am tired of people constantly thinking that it is the job of a Federal, State, or local government to solve problems. In truth friends it is our job to reclaim.  So if you are worried about certain people groups and their potential...

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Scientists Create Heart Cells Better, Faster, Stronger

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Scientists Create Heart Cells Better, Faster, Stronger Fri, 11/11/2016 - 9:27am by Gladstone Institutes, an article first published in   Scientists at the Gladstone Institutes identified two chemicals that improve their ability to transform scar tissue in a heart into healthy, beating heart muscle. The new discovery advances efforts to find new and effective treatments for heart failure. Heart failure afflicts 5.7 million Americans, costs the country $30.7 billion every year, and has no cures. When heart muscle is damaged, the body is unable to repair the dead or injured cells. Gladstone scientists are exploring cellular reprogramming -- turning...

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Repurposing Drugs for Rare Diseases

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Repurposing Drugs for Rare Diseases: Collaboration is Key by Tim Hoctor, Vice President, Corporate R&D Professional Services, Elsevier The statistics are sobering: an estimated 350 million people worldwide suffer from one of 7,000 rare diseases. About half of those affected are children, 30 percent of whom will not live to age five. The pharmaceutical industry is under increasing pressure to find ways of treating these diseases since, currently, there is no approved drug treatment for 95 percent of them. But the industry faces its own challenges, including increased development costs due to regulatory requirements and few financial incentives to seek new drug...

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Age related Macular Degeneration

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From Newsmax Health October 2016 A recent study from Coimbra University in Coimbra Portugal indicates that drinking daily coffee combined with eating a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables can significantly reduce your risk of Age related Macular Degeneration. (AMD) The study studies 883 people age 55 or older between 2013 and 2014 449 had AMD in its early stages and 434 did not have AMD. The diet they followed was the Mediterranean diet. Researchers used a computer program to analyze the subjects of the study consumption of micro nutrients. And found higher amounts of antioxidants like beta carotene...

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