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Now is the time

Carrie Tabor


Now is the time to consider home renovations that will allow you and or your parents to stay in their homes longer. The number one consideration here should be fall prevention. The number one most dangerous room in the home….the bathroom. An overhaul of the bathroom should include grab bars, slip resistant flooring and potentially a walk in tub. Of all the items just mentioned the walk in tub is the most expensive ranging in price from $3000-$6000.00. However a less expensive option is a bath lift. A bath lift is a motorized seat that lifts the person up and down in the tub. Several different models are available but basically you sit on a seat, swing your legs over the tub and lower or raise yourself in and out of the tub. These bath lift options range in price from $575-$3400.00. A bath lift is a definite option to a walk in tub.

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