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Get Your Elderly Back Home the Complete Senior Care - With Bariatric Walkers and Rollator

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With a staggering number of disabled personnel and individuals finding it almost impossible to move, Americans are suffering from a new-age deficiency causing loss of energy levels at an advanced stage; leading to a permanent disability by the age an individual is close to 60 and cannot possibly take care of himself. According to a congressional committee finding for ADA, out of the approximated 250 million, 43 million people (17%) are disabled, but only 7% people have access to or are aware of Bariatric rollator walkers and other such wheeled mobility devices.

bariatric rollator walker

A bariatric rollator walker is a 4-wheeled, heavy-duty, extra-wide walker with adjustable side-bars and a built-in seat explicitly constructed to safely accommodate larger or medically obese individuals for their mobility needs. Such wheeled mobility devices are mostly driven by the presence of durable 8” or more base-wheels, put together by a frame of stainless-steel keeping the overall walker intact, despite a lot of pressure levied against it.

Now encourage independence at any age - with viable walkers and rollators from 1st Senior Care providing a complete range of Bariatric transport wheelchairs, drive medical bariatric side walkers, Aluminum light-sized medical rollators (with close to 400 lbs of capacity), steel safety roller, bariatric rollator with a wide walker, etc.

People with mobility issues often require the right kind of solution that allows them to be comfortable and also lets them be comfortable at all times. A bariatric walker does both.

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