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GOP Healthcare Plan vs Affordable Care Act

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GOP Healthcare Plan vs Affordable Care Act

Will it Affect You?

By Carrie Tabor


The answer to the above question is: unless you live in a vacuum yes it will affect you. But the real question is how will it affect you? 

According to a relative of mine who is a doctor under the current affordable healthcare plan for every $1 that is billed the ACA pay 12 cents. Now let’s just think about this for a minute. If you are employed and your employer says I will pay you a $1 an hour but when you get your paycheck you only get 12 cents, let me tell you one of two things would happen: 1. You would confront your employer or 2. You would find employment elsewhere. Yet we expect physicians who spend many years in school and come out with $100K at least in debt to live on the 12 cents.

However under the new proposed healthcare plan my doctor relative would get 68 cent per dollar. So if it takes 75 cents to run the office, pay staff, get equipment, etc. a client might be much more willing to pay the 7 cents different than they would the 63 cent difference. At the 63 cent difference the doctor is forced to become a bill collector and doctors take an oath to do no harm so being part of the current AFA just doesn’t make sense.

In the medical equipment field things aren’t much better. If you can be a preferred provider for an insurance company insurance companies say something like this. You will provide a wheelchair for our clients and we, the insurance company, will pay you $25. Sounds ok. But I can’t purchase the wheelchair from the manufacturer for less than $35. So now I am $10 in the hole. Well if as a business I just absorb this cost than very shortly I will be out of business. However if I decide to partner with an insurance company the only way I can make any profit is to provide subpar equipment to my clients. So here is what happens when I provide subpar equipment:

A recent client told me that she went to a well-known provider for retirees to purchase a wheelchair for her Mother.  Within six months the anti-tippers had broken off the wheelchair, the brakes were broken and no longer worked, and one of the wheels was flat so the wheelchair leaned to one side. When she went back to the healthcare provider to get a new wheelchair and she was told she could not get a new wheelchair for 5 years.

What was her Mom supposed to do in the meantime? So now her Mom has not only put out money for this healthcare provider but she now has to go and put out more money to come to a company like mine to get a good quality wheelchair at a reasonable price.

All of this is to say that regardless of which healthcare plan is in place it is incumbent upon you to know how best to spend your healthcare dollars. Neither of the current plans favors medical equipment companies like mine. You simply need to know that if you use healthcare dollars for medical equipment you have a better than 50/50 chance of getting subpar equipment. So wouldn’t it make more sense to just get good equipment the first time around? There is a saying in the construction business measure twice, cut once. You would do better to compare the two companies and their quality and cut once.

If I had to choose I think the new healthcare might be more beneficial to consumers when it comes to medical equipment because they will be able to make a choice. Of course my hope is that you will choose 1stSeniorCare’s quality products.


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