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Smell could improve your sleep, energy, rest and relaxation.

Carrie Tabor energy relaxation rest sleep

Well I readily admit that I have long been a skeptic regarding aromatherapy. Really certain smells can make you feel better? Well they can certainly make you feel worse. Case in point, while at the beach this last week I came across a small bridge over a small stream. Even before reading the caution sign which read, “Caution water is untreated waste water.” I could have told anyone that by the smell that the water was untreated. So yes smells can affect your mood.

While there is no scientific study regarding aromatherapy current thought suggests that aromatherapy stimulates the olfactory (smell) receptors in your nose, which then communicates with the part of your brain that overseas emotion. While aromatherapy tends to be more subjective than objective there is growing thought that there is something to the benefits of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy for energy: I really like this one. Not because one whiff induces me to act like the energizer bunny but because the essential citrus oils remind me of my favorite place, Hawaii.  I am reminded of the warm sunshine, the light breeze, the pounding ocean, citrus fruits, engaging people, and in general a more relaxed lifestyle.

So the question may be asked how does that energize you? Well in this hectic world just taking a moment to relax, to take conscious thought of your surroundings reminds me of my purpose and a renewed focus energizes me to keep moving. In a diffuser I use essential oils from Melaleuca. I combine Sharpen which is a combination of oils from lemon, peppermint, rosemary, basil, frankincense and clary sage.  I use 4-5 drops in a diffuser along with 4-5 drops of lime.  This scent is absolutely heavenly and does bring, for me, a renewed sense of calm which brings about a renewed sense of energy.

A relaxing blend of Melaleuca essential oils would be orange, lavender and frankincense in a ratio of 4-3-2.  Put in a diffuser by your bed side and you are ready for a long winter’s nap. 

Feeling a little under the weather try lemon, Armour protective blend, Vapor Respiratory blend and Melaleuca oil in a ratio of 4-2-3-1.

The best things about essential oils are what they lack. Candle wicks are frequently dipped in lead so potentially every time you are lighting a candle you are releasing lead into your environment. Also plug ins can catch fire and do not have an automatic shut off switch.  A diffuser has a timer with an automatic shut off switch. You are releasing water into the environment, which is some cases, increased humidity could be a good thing. A diffuser, if it runs out of water, will also automatically shut off.

So take some time to experiment and find the combinations that you enjoy most.

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