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Bariatric Products

It is time to replace the conventional wheelchairs with mobility scooters. Often referred to as the electric scooter as well, which functions on a rechargeable battery. This battery can drive more than one electronic motor.

3 wheeled electronic scooters offer a more convenient solution to people who have mobility issues. Easier to move around, enhanced with innovative features and in several cases, extremely easy to assemble or disassemble, these three wheeled electric scooters are meant to offer a much more convenient mobility solution, even outdoors.

You can browse through the catalog at 1st Senior Care to find out the most preferable option for you. Some of the features that you can look for in our scooters include swivel seats, adjustable heights and widths, weight capacity, climbing angles, warranty period, different colors and add-ons like detachable carry baskets. In case you are looking for options that have to be carried on flights, you can check out the in-flight specifications for batteries.