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Geriatric Chairs, Recliners, High Seats & Boosters

Shop from a variety of colorful durable reclining chairs on swivel lock casters for safe and easy mobility. Browse our selection of high hip-high chairs with swing-away arms and detachable food trays. Purchase our luxury lift recliners in different fabrics suited for home and healthcare settings. We also have recliners for institutional and bariatric use. Shop our lift chairs for easy mobility. 1st Senior Care’s WinCo Care Cliner comes in a variety of models and is ideal for medical use. Mostly all of the models recline. Some include a reclining footrest. All of them include a detachable tray. To make it easy for patients to get in and out of their seat, choose the Winco Elite Cliner that is built with swing away arms. These chairs are manufactured with great durability that can hold up to 450 lbs. The Winco 5400 Primier LifeCare Model offers a fully upholstered look that’s designed with urethane armrests and has multiple side-table options with a 3-position lock bar.

Home Lift Recliners

1st Senior Care has a large selection of electric lift recliners that come in soft, yet firm and comfortable cushioning. Designed like a standard recliner, these fleets of lift chairs provide the stylish upholstered look that will complement almost any décor. Choose from fabric or leather upholstery in a selection of warm and comforting colors. For portability and affordability, choose the Power Seat Assist that will lift up to 300 lbs. To provide patients with the ultimate treatment, look at the Augustine Treatment Recliner that has an enhanced 75o range motion for optimum positioning and patient seating.