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Electric Scooters

Light, Portable and Heavy-Duty Electric Scooters

Shop a wide collection of electric scooters that are built for growing kids, easy travel and bariatric capacity. Browse our catalog of lightweight and heavy-duty scooters that are collapsible and designed for easy mobility. 1st Senior Care has an electric scooter for every need. The more popular scooters like the Easy Travel Elite Tzora’s Foldable Power Scooter is the perfect chair for high-populated cities and for air travel. With this chair, you’re sure to get through airport security with a little more ease as this scooter has an airline-approved battery. The secret to its lightweight portability is the small, yet powerful engine that’s located inside of the front wheel. This compact and sturdy scooter has the capacity to hold 280 lbs. It includes an underseat basket or tub and a 12 A/H battery pack with a home charger.

Electric Scooters Needed for Off-Roading

For tougher terrains, the Supa Scoota Sport Outdoor and Off-road edition has the capacity to carry 275 lbs. and is specifically built to transport patients around outdoors and off road. The seats are manufactured with heavy-duty springs to support bumpy roads and durable wheels with a stronger resistance to punctures and flats. The Vita Super Sport Bariatric Fast Electric Scooter has the capability to transport 400 lbs. while providing a robust motor that can go up to 8 mph with a driving range of 25-30 miles providing a 12o incline. This scooter has a sleek and sporty look with comfortable leather seats complete with armrest and compartment for storing personal items.

You can also get the Tzora Easy Travel Battery and wheelchair accessories here.