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Patient Lifts

We provide a complete range of manual and power patient lifts that work as efficient patient transfer systems. Patient lifts, manual or electric, serve the single purpose of hoisting the person that needs to be moved from one place to another. We also feature the more advanced versions - electric platform lifts for sale.

We have manual, power, bath, pool, and sit to stand patient lifts from some of the most renowned brands in the medical mobility equipment category. If you need a patient lift that can help you transfer a person from one area to another, this is the place to be.

Patient lifts, be it of any kind, work on a mechanism that allows a person to be transferred with great safety and minimal effort. Patient lifts are necessary because they provide the required support you need to lift and transfer patients. They help prevent injuries to patients and caregivers while lifting; and they have the ability to even hoist patients from the floor.