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Patient Lifts and Systems

With increasing age, senior patients tend to lose muscular strength in their legs and start feeling discomfort in standing on their own from the seating posture. This kind of problem can happen due to other reasons as well, such as back injury or any prolonged illness.

Sit to stand patient lifts are the perfect solution for such patients. This lift assists the patient in getting up and stand from a seating posture without any manual help. It also eliminates the risk of any back injury to the caregiver which could happen during manual assistance. They serve as one of the best pieces of equipment to ensure safe and efficient senior care.

We at 1stSeniorCare have a wide range of sit to stand patient lifts to cater to every kind of requirement. Our ergonomically styled and easily maneuverable equipment come in different options. From automatic to low cost hydraulic stand up lift, we have covered every option for the convenience of our buyers.

Our sit to stand lifts are made with highest quality materials to ensure the best quality and reliability.