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Ramps and Ramp systems

Ramp Systems for Wheelchairs and Rolling Objects

Turn any home or healthcare facility into an ADA compliant organization with these ramps! We stock a selection of ramp systems for permanent and mobile use. These ramps are easy to install for doorways, steps, and vans. Shop portable ramps with adjustable height or for bariatric capacity. The PVI Bariatic Multi-Fold Ramp holds up to 800 lbs. in capacity and is easy to pack up and travel with. It’s an ideal tool for medical facilities that transport patients on a frequent basis. This particular ramp multi-folds into two separate pieces so that it’s more convenient to carry. Take this ramp from the van to the doorstep and threshold to provide an easier transport. Its patented build has a center joint hinge that adds strength while eliminating any pinch point. The maximum capacity for the ramp is 800 lbs. 1st Senior Care also has an adjustable height ramp that’s designed for doorways that swing in or out. Order a custom size to suit your facility or home care needs.

TuffCare RA130 Wheelchair and Scooter Ram

Complete with it’s own handle for carrying capabilities, this 5-foot ramp has the weight capacity to hold up to 600 lbs. and will operate safely at a 30o angle with a carrying weight of 27 lbs. Its lightweight aluminum construction offers durability, portability and safety with a non-skidding surface. This easy, single-fold ramp can be used in most vans. While compact in size, it can also be stored in most other vehicles.