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Walkers and Rollators

Rollator walkers are basically wheeled mobility solutions. Available in a variety of designs, these walkers also come with attachable bags and pockets or built-in seats. Depending on the model that is chosen and used, the patient can either move around by themselves or be moved around by a caregiver. Some of the models also offer a combination of the two features.

A heavy duty rollator walker is specifically designed for heavier or bariatric users. These have an extra wide, extra strong and yet a very lightweight frame. The structure itself is able to allow an impressive maximum user weight.

The 1st Senior Care catalog features multiple models for heavy duty rollators, some of which even have padded contoured back rests, easy release loop locks and safety seat locks. The models should be picked depending on the comfort and preference of the patient. The ultimate objective is functionality balanced with the ideal amount of comfort.