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Did You Know you may qualify for a discount drug card?

You can write to individual drug manufacturers and request a discount card. This card is issued based on income but anyone can request a card and from as many manufacturers as you want. Below is a chart listing the drug manufacturers, their requirements and how to get in touch with them. I hope this helps you save a few dollars.


Prescriptions Covered

Annual Income Below


Contact & Misc. Info.

GlaxoSmith Kline Orange Card

All Drugs



At participating pharmacies

Receive a 30% average savings


Patients can participate in either Orange Card or Together RX for GSK medications (the Orange Card has higher income limits).

Lilly Answers (Eli Lilly & Co.)

All drugs except

controlled substances



At participating pharmacies pay $12.00/ prescription for a 30-day supply



Pfizer For Living Share Card

All Drugs



At participating pharmacies pay $15.00 / prescription for up to a 30 day supply


Together RX Card

This one card can be used for many medications manufactured by: Abbott Lab., AstraZeneca, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Meyers Squibb Co., GlaxoSmith Kline, Johnson & Johnson, and Novartis


Select Drugs



*Alaska & Hawaii have higher income limits

At participating pharmacies receive 20- 40% savings off the regular price of over 150 medications

1-800-865-7211 Currently open for enrollment, cards will be effective in early June


Select Drugs



Prescriptions received directly from Merck, Free of Charge


Novartis Care Card


Select Drugs

Two Income Categories


A) $18,000 / Individual



B) $28,000 / Individual


At participating pharmacies:

A) Pay $12.00/mo.(per prescription)

B) Receive a 25%-40% off After June 2003, enrollment for the Novartis program will be through Together RX



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Here is a website that can be used by seniors to get discounts.