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SilverTex TM Upholstery Colors from Winco

SilverTex TM Upholstery Colors from Winco
Silvertex is treated with silver guard technology which provides a natural barrier to bacteria. Fighting bacteria fights odor and stains.
70 Sagebrush 71 Champagne
72 Khaki 73 Chestnut
74 Luggage 75 Umber
76 Raspberry 77 Meteor
78 Carbon 79 Marina-Blue
80 Sapphire 81 Jet
82 Storm 83 Celery
84 Basil 85 Bottle


Silvertex ™ is treated with SILVER GUARD ® Silver Ion Technology, which provides a natural bacteria-ffighting defense that inhibits odor and stain causing bacteria. When combinedwith PERMA BLOK 3 ®, Spradling's patented stain-fighting and abrasion-rresistant treatment,also featured in Silvertex, SILVER GUARD ® delivers the ultimate performance solution.