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Sanichlor is the disinfectant of choice for InvaCare tubs.

Advent-Age Products Chloramine-T , Choose a gallon or a case of 4 gallons

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Advent-Age Products: Chloramine-T 

Please choose a gallon or a case of 4 gallons of powder for mixing from the dropdown menu.

 Advent-Age Products have been used by Silcraft whirpool tub owners for many years.

3 years storage without any decrease in potency. 

A thorough and effective whirlpool antiseptic treatment for use with the resident/patient. Made of 100% Chlormine-t, Sani-Chlorine reduces the potential for cross or auto contamination. Sani-Chlorine does not destroy new tissue growth. Sani-Chlorine can be added to the water while the resident/patient is bathing.

The Chloramine-T  products have previously been sold under the following part numbers by Invacare Continuing Care. These part numbers have been discontinued.

IH7740 50 gm PKT* - 1 Box/12 Pkts SANICHLOR, IH7780 CS/4 GAL - (2.3 kilos - 5.083 lbs) SANICHLOR IH7790 ONE GALLON SANICHLOR, IH7750 50 gm PKT* - 1 CS/10 Boxes SANICHLOR, IH7790 ONE GALLON SANICHLOR, IH7750 50 gm PKT* - 1 CS/10 Boxes SANICHLOR, IH7765 80 gm PKT* - 1 CS/10 Boxes SANICHLOR, IH7775 320 gm PKT* - 1 CS/10 Boxes SANICHLOR

The above products are no longer made in packets but are still available at lower cost as the powdered Sanichlor now shipped in gallon containers with precise mixing instructions.  Choose gallons in the drop down menu.  Case of four gallons is less expensive than individual gallons. Five gallons of powder is equivalent to 2.2 cases of IH7750.

Use this product to sanitize the Silcraft whirlpool tubs. This is the finest and easiest to use product to sanitize tubs.

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