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Aqua Creek Scout pool lift, ADA compliant, easy access to any pool. SR Smith, Global lifts, Hoyer, Spinlife

AquaCreek Scout 2 ADA compliant lift for existing lift anchors

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AquaCreek Scout 2 F-800SC

The ADA Solution For Existing Anchors
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Independently verified to be ADA Compliant, The Scout™ is designed to be used in retro-fit applications.  Easy to install and use with already installed anchors. If you need anchors to install this lift, please call 866-822-7348

If your facility needs to become ADA compliant and you already have an existing 6” deep anchor, then The Scout™ is your solution.

The Scout™ eliminates the need for  anchor installation by utilizing almost any existing 1.9” I.D. x 6” deep anchor. Also available are adapter sleeves to accommodate larger and deeper diameter anchors. The manufacturer states: "The adjustable seat pole now allows up to 25” of wall clearance on a 16” wide profile when using the pull-out leg rest." Use this Scout for any disabled child who desires pool access.

 Scout™ Lift Features:

  • 350 lb (159 kg) weight capacity*
  • Set back range 12” to 36” (30 to 91 cm)
  • Clears walls up to 6” high; 12” if used with pull out leg rest
  • Can be adapted to most existing 6” deep anchors
  • 360 degree powered rotation either direction

 Standard Aqua Creek Features:

  • Powdercoated stainless steel construction
  •  Rechargeable battery operation includes battery charger
  •  Dual flip-up arms & adjustable belt
  •  Limited lifetime structural warranty
  • Five year pro-rated electronics warranty


  • Scout lift, no anchor- Item #F-802SCNA
  • Upgrade Pack- Item #F-800SCAP Includes battery unit, headrest, chest strap and cover
  • Transport cart - Item #F-814SCTC (pictured)
  • Headrest - Item #F-722HRR
  • Chest strap - Item #F-423CS
  • Pull out leg rest - Item #F-105LAR
  • Protective cover - Item #F-450SC
  •  Anchor sleeve to retro-fit HANDY lift anchor* - Item #F-820
  •  Anchor sleeve to retro-fit Lifeguard lift anchor*- Item #F-822
  • Anchor sleeve to retro-fit Elkhorn lift anchor* - Item #F-824
  •   Anchor sleeve to retro-fit Hoyer lift anchor* - Item #F-82                                     
  • The Scout 2 pool lift features an adjustable seat pole, robust base and a stronger actuator. These upgrades allow for a weight capacity of 375 pounds. The Scout is capable of clearing wall heights up to 11 inches high with the standard foot rest. The optional pull-out leg rest may be used for greater clearance of up to 26 inches on raised or above ground pool and spa applications. This pool lift will accommodate most existing anchors by utilizing adapter sleeves.    

  The  Use of anchor sleeves reduces capacity of the lift to 300 lbs.       Scout-Deck-Tan-WBlue-Seat.jpg                                                               

 No sleeve required for EZ/Power EZ, Econo or creonics Anchors.


The AquaCreek Scout Transport is an optional way to move the lift when needed. See the drop down menu.

The AquaCreek Scout with two systems installed on the same pool.


Additional Information

Learn how to overwinter your lift here.


Please click here for an ADA compliance pocket guide.

informative video Here

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