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Barrier Free ceiling mounted patient lifts in custom configurations and weight capacities

Barrier Free C2 Overhead Patient Lift System with scale

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The Barrier Free Overhead Personal Lifting System  with or without scale


The Barrier Free ceiling lift provides for easy transfers in a wide range of settings. Moving between rooms is simple with our ceiling mounted track that can be installed throughout a home or facility.  Ceiling lifts are best installed by the specially trained installers from Barrier Free.  The Barrier Free Lifting systems can be either free wheeled or powered to move from one location to another.  Compact portable patient lift models are available

Barrier Free Overhead Lifting System Features  
Ceiling lifts in Oregon are installed by certified personnel. Barrier Free certification is a requirement for installing as this is for patient safety.  Meets and exceeds the zero lift mandate.

Click Here for an informative video

Self diagnostic - beeps if there is a problem 

Technology to alert you to potential issues

Freewheel or powered movement on track

Autonomous patients can move themselves as needed

Ceiling mounted, wall mount or freestanding overhead track.

Options to meet every patient application

Aesthetically designed case

Unobtrusive, modern design

Weight overload limiting device

Prevents unintended system stress

True Continuous Charge available

Worry-free recharging (option)

Waterproof, easy-to-use hand control

Use for self showering or in the bath

Hand Control mounted Reset Button

Restores normal operations

Charge indicator LED and audible warning

To indicate low battery levels

Soft Start and Stop

For smooth and controlled transfers in all directions

Emergency locking mechanism

Prevents unintended lowering

Variable speed control in all directions

Accurate positioning adjusted to the individual

Emergency stop and Emergency lowering feature

Fail safe for battery power failure

Spreader bar with safety hooks and crossover design

Designed for ease of use and patient safety


Ceiling mounted track utilizing pre-engineered parts for installation efficiency.

Barrier Free Lifts' ® expert staff and a nationwide network of independent dealers will demonstrate our products in your home or facility. Our extensive experience in designing systems to meet structural requirements and the needs created by specific disabilities enables us to solve your lifting challenges. Barrier Free Lifts offers a wide variety of sling designs, sizes and materials. Custom slings designed to customer specifications are available and provide an unlimited number of possibilities to meet individual needs.  This lift is built to last for years.  The only maintenance typically done is an every 2- 2.5 year battery change.  The lift strap is also replaceable but that is every 7-10 years and is completed by a certified technician or engineer. 

Please click here for a video to understand how to install the sling and use the lift.

Please click HERE for an overview of the install and benefits of the Barrier Free Lift System

Barrier Free offers a complete line of personal lifting systems. Those products include:

  • Portable Overhead Lifts
  • Overhead Lifts
  • Stretcher Lifts
  • Bariatric Lifts
  • Sling Systems
  • Digital Scales
  • Stand Free Therapy Aid
  • Mobile Floor Model Lifts
  • Convertible Sit-to-Stand/Full Lift
  • Several Standard Total Lifts
  • Vertical Lift w/Patient Positioner
  • Sit to Stand Lifts
  • Lifts Designed for Children
  • Lifts Designed for Gate Training

 1stSeniorCare works to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. 1stSeniorCare strives to make every purchase the right purchase for our customers. We install these locally and sometimes at long distances.

 Because this lift is professionally installed a typical installation of the Barrier Free Ceiling Lift is approximately $3,000 - $6,000 which includes the C2 ceiling lift above along with ceiling mounted track.  Ceiling lifts from Barrier Free are the finest made German engineering from Horcher. These are sometimes called ceiling Hoyer lifts.

 A scale can be built into the lift if requested at the time of ordering.

This video shows how to put on and use slings. click HERE  

1stSeniorCare works to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. 1stSeniorCare strives to make every purchase the right purchase for our customers.

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