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Barrier Free Lena lifting bathtub for caregiver ease of use. Relaxing hydrotherapy promtos better circulation per the Arthritus foundaiton.

Barrier Free Lena 230 lifting bathtub now with integrated disinfection system lifts to over 40 inches

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Lena Lifting Bathtub
 Patient-care lifting bathtubs for day-to-day use

Bathing relaxes body and soul – especially for those who have to live with a physical handicap. Eliminating fear of a patient-care bathtub for those needing care was the impetus for development of the LENA lifting bathtub. The needs of user and caregiver were implemented in the structure and design of the tub. Professional technology and the look of a bathtub like the one at home contribute to a harmonious environment in the patient-care bathtub. Solid, trouble-free technology, as well as great ease of use are your guarantees for safe, affordable use. From stand bathtub, to lifting bathtub, to patient-care bathtub with hydro-massage system – all variants can be combined. Please see the drop down menu.

Imagine the ease of use of this lifting tub to keep caregivers from bending over and straining their back.

 Productinformation in a overview

  • Lifting bathtubs for day-to-day use
  • Lifting range between 25 and 43 inch
  • Professional technology
  • Flow at 43 PSI between approx. 6.0 and 11.25 Gal/min.
  • Tub volume approximately 42 gallons
  • optional with an integrated disinfection system
  • when desired with hydro-massage-function
  • available in many different colors
  • The LENA patient-care lifting bathtub series creates a pleasurable experience for the patient. The patient´s caregiver was also in mind during the design and construction of these bathtubs. 

        The lifting bathtub technology provides ability for the other various lifts to adjoin it as to maximize the usage of this tub. The LENA tub (as well as the entire bathing system) can be adjusted to fit the needs of the patient. Horcher´s bathing product line is extremely diverse: stand bathtubs, lifting bathtubs, and patientcare bathtubs with hydro-massage systems. There are also various colors available to fit with modern interior colors to match your scheme.

The professional caregiver for "big" jobs 

  • Consisting of: tub body and control panel of high-quality glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GFRP). Sturdy, steel base, fully galvanized, and adjustable on 4 legs for the correct level, lifting mechanism with four quiet-running guide rails, two maintenance-free, pulse-synchronized electro-spindle motors in a closed housing (with protective insulation).
  • Operating voltage:
    Prim. 220 V/AC – Sec. 24 V/DC
    Power consumption: max. 240 W
  • Tub walls of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GFRP), enclosed, with an opening for inspection, water supply via thermo-mixer with anti-scalding system, filling valve for shower and electrically operable tub filling valve, digital temperature display, 2 high-pressure connecting hoses, drain and overflow fixtures, 2 safety handrails in formed arm rests.
  • Technical data exterior/interior:
    Length: 90.5” ext 72.8” int. , width: 39.7” ext., 27.5” int (1000/700 mm)
    Lifting range: 25 – 43”, (700 - 1100 mm)
    Water pressure: 29 – 87 PSI (2 - 6 bar)
    Tub volume: approx. 50 gal. (190 l,) total weight: 309 lbs (140 kg.)

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