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Barrier Free Forelli is a bath trolley with easy patient access, electronic sides, foot operated functions for increased client safety.

Barrier Free Lifts

Barrier Free Lifts Forelli Bathing and Transfer Trolley, Free Shipping

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Barrier Free Lifts Forelli Automated Turning Shower or Bathing Trolley

Free shipping to a loading dock at your facility. 


A truly revolutionary shower trolley.  Bathing for those who can not get up to take a shower or bath.


The shower trolley from HORCHER – top quality, modern design,top functionality  Horizontal drop sides make it is easy to move the patient onto the soft, ergonomically designed trolley bed. 

The drop sides of the FORELLI are raised electronically for moving

the patient safely to the bath. In this position the FORELLI is used

like a conventional shower trolley. 

All functions of the FORELLI can be operated using the foot swit-ches

on both sides of the chassis. The bed of the FORELLI is raised

in the middle to automatically bring the patient into a safe, stable

side position. 

Unlike other trolleys, the FORELLI has an additional patented feature using the foot controls which raise the middle of the lying area to turn the patient on to their side to allow easy access to the rear of the patient. 

After raising the side panels to ensure safety during transport to the bathing facilities, the FORELLI is then used just as any other ordinary shower trolley to wash the front of the patient. 

Electronic foot controls on both sides of the central column raise and lower the trolley to the ideal height, while the same controls lower the side sections of the FORELLI providing a flat surface for easy and comfortable transfer from bed to the ergonomically designed lying area.


The convenient Forelli Foot Controls allow attention to be paid to the person being bathed.

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