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Barrier Free portable lift the PC-2 is the most reliable ceiling lift on the market. Complies with zero lift policy.

Barrier Free Portable Ceiling Lift PC2 from Horcher

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The Most Popular Barrier Free PC2 Portable Ceiling Lift Uses Overhead Track

Founded on expert German engineering, Barrier Free Lifts by Horcher provides patient ceiling lifts and transfer solutions for use in private homes, businesses and health care facilities. Through the use of Barrier Free Ceiling lifts and Patient Home Lifts, people who require assistance with lifting and the people who assist them are able to perform patient lifts and transfer tasks safely without running the risk of injury. For some, Barrier Free Ceiling Lifts, an electric patient lifter, provides the possibility for independent living through ease in lifting. BFL has a vast network of representatives located across the United States and Canada. We provide personalized service for our clients in order to meet all their transferring and patient lift needs.
The PC-2 patient lift has the lowest documented defect rate, as delivered, for any portable patient lift on the market.

Please click here for a video to understand how to install the sling and use the lift.

 Here is a white board presentation.

Installation is available in Oregon and Sothwest Washington. Call or email a floor plan for a quote to be

prepared and sent

The New 600 lbs capacity PC-2 is pictured.  The more common PC-2 is white. This lift is the most reliable Lift on the market and the least expensive to service and install.

Our Most Popular Overhead Track Patient Lift is Fully Portable
Installed by Barrier Free Ceiling Lift Certified installers only. 

The PC2 Portable Overhead patient lift is designed to be carried to separate tracks in different location within the facility or home.  The PC2 ceiling lift in this way provides the capability of using one lift in a variety of locations and in an unlimited number of track configurations to meet any lifting need.  Several sections of track can be installed at different locations and the PC2 Portable lift can be detached from one track, carried to another, and then re-attached with unprecedented ease. Each track section has a drop down hook attached to roller wheels which reside within the track.  You simply lift the extended strap and slide it over the drop down hook to attach it after a move.  The PC2 Portable ceiling lift can be used between multiple rooms, in different homes, at the office, in a hotel or all of the above. In fact, our installers are so skilled and our lift systems so versatile, that overhead ceiling lifts have been installed in recreational vehicles, boats, around swimming pools and a variety of other nearly unimaginable places.

This video shows how to Put on and use slings. click HERE

 The common PC-2 lift, 350lbs capacity

 The standard PC-2 with 350 lbs capacity

PC2 Ceiling Lift Specifications Certified Ceiling lift installation available in Oregon and SW Washington. 


19.8 LB

Maximum Load

500 LB., (HD model), 350 lb. typical

Lifting Range

67 inches (Top of track to bottom of sling )

Lifts per charge


63 (1 lift =24 inches; 12 inches up & 12 inches down, 165 LB patient tested)

Battery Voltage

24 VDC

Overload Cut-out.

< 150% of Maximum Load

Low Battery

Audible and Visible warnings on lift 

All rights to technical alteration are reserved.



For assistance out of a chair 

and onto the commode.


Easy detachment from one track

and easy transport to another track. 

 Barrier Free Lift's expert staff and nationwide network of independent dealers will demonstrate Barrier Free products in your home or facility. Our extensive experience in designing ceiling lift systems to meet structural requirements and the needs created by specific disabilities enables us to solve your lifting challenges. We offer a wide variety of ceiling lifts to meet any weight capacity and structure.  Barrier Free offers a wide range of sling designs, sizes and materials. Custom slings designed to customer specifications are available and provide an unlimited number of possibilities to meet individual needs, whether for patient home lifts, ceiling lifts or patient floor lifts.



The portable ceiling lift has an emergency switch for urgent situation lowering. This is an old style lift from Chiltern. New PC-2 lifts have an emergency down too.

1stSeniorCare has completed chalenging installs of the track and lift in motor homes and homes with ceilings to 15 feet.  Our expert technicians can custom fit or design and build custom attachments to any ceiling.

1stSeniorCare works to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. 1stSeniorCare strives to make every purchase the right purchase for our customers.


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