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Barrier Free stretcher lift requires a ceiling track or gantry to implement. Lifts vertically, complies with zero lift policy for Bariatric patients.

Barrier Free Lifts

Barrier Free Stretcher Lift, bariatric capacity 994 lbs

$ 6,695.00 $ 8,925.00

Horcher Bariatric Capacity Stretcher Lift 

The Horcher stretcher lift is designed to lift the supine patient in comfort using the 8 loop or ten loop Stretcher sling.  The sling lifts vertically.  The lift can be installed on either ceiling mounted track or on a free standing system.  The free standing system can be installed in rooms up to 12 x 15 feet and still maintain the 992 lbs capacity using reinforced track. The standard free standing frame system, capable of 400 lbs capacity, provides the common weight users with the ability to transfer to other supine locations like stretchers or tables for a change in scenery.  

Some users have reported the use of custom backboards in the sling that allow custom positioned pillows to be used to maintain the spinal position of the user.  The custom backboard is moved into position within the stretcher sling from one side with the patient rolled to their side away from you. The patient is then rolled back onto the back board and prepared for the lift and transfer.  This lift is seen and indispensable in some environments.

Please click HERE for an overview of the install and benefits of the Barrier Free Lift System

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