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use this beasytrans board for easy sliding transfer from wheelchair to bed

BeasyTrans II The ideal for smaller transfers in the bathroom or kitchen, Model 1200M from BeasyBoards, 27.5 inches with optional MicroBan®

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BeasyTrans Beasy II 27.5”

Model 1200 from Beasy Premium Transfer Boards

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  • This 27.5 inch model is perfect for the smaller areas, especially bathroom transfers.
  • If the attending professional approves, this system may be used for independent transfers.
  • Many facilities use this system for boosting patients in bed.
  • The transfer board is made of polymers which are patented products of the DuPont Company.
  • This board has been stress tested to over 1100 lbs. 

We have been asked if a padded seat will be available for the BeasyTrans boards.  Unfortunately No, due to sanitary cleaning issues.  A towel folded, is frequently used to resolve the padding issue. 


Units will be repaired or replaced if proven to be defective due to materials or workmanship up to 1 year.

Beasy Boards usually ship within 24 hours and arrive in just a few days. We keep some in stock for local customers.

View the Training video HERE 


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