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The answer cushion will help cure pressure ulcers, Shipped with batteries for portable use

Best Seat Answer Alternating Pressure Cushion with newly designed pump system

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Ease Cushion Answer Cushion

 Alternating pressure for relief of pressure points in the buttocks.

 Designed and built by the same people in the USA that build the  'EASE CUSHION', this system shares many of the same features that have made "EASE CUSHION" the ultimate in alternating pressure technology.

 This system has a form fitting  average buttocks shaped depression built into a  3 1/2" thick Urethane foam cushion,  available in 3 of the most popular sizes used in wheelchairs.

  • 18 X 18 inches,
  • 16 wide X 18 long,
  • 18 inches wide X 16 inches long.

This cushion is suitable for persons with the body weight of 125 pounds to 190 pounds.  Other sizes of cushions and other densities of urethane appropriate for other weights are available at additional charge.  All "ANSWER" cushions require up to 2 days from order to shipping from our factory in California. Like the Stage 1 this cushion is the only one we know that can cure pressure ulcers.


Pump description is the  same as the STAGE 1 PLUS except that it does not run on 110V.  It runs on long life NiCad Batteries. The System comes complete with instructions, extended length air hoses and a "Smart Charger"  for recharging the pump unit in 2 hours. Charge is automatically terminated when fully charged. so if it is in use and plugged in it will charge fully and the charger will turn off.


 Additional Information

See a testamonial on the answer cushions predecessor here

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