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The stage 1 is the only cushion guaranteed to cure ubiquitous ulcers

Best Seat Stage 1 Plus alternating pressure cushion for those confined to seated positions

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Best Seat Stage 1 Plus
Custom sizes available by calling 866-822-7348.  Up-charges apply.

We designed this overlay cushion to meet the needs of many people who are having problems with pain and perhaps minor skin breakdown, but are not immobilized to the point of needing a custom built system.

  • 48 hours on one charge
  • Furnished in light grey breathable fabric
  • Treated to resist soil and stains
  • Long lasting in service.
  • Stage 1 batteries have a predicted life of over 500 recharges in this application. That's several years of constant use!
  • Recharge in 2 hours
  • Bottom of the cushion has a cling type surface, no tie-down needed
  • Clear vinyl plastic case that protects pump from spilt coffee and food particles

Sitting for long periods such as you have to do on long airline flights or automobile trips can be very uncomfortable and can also be a serious risk to your health and well-being.

The result of seating pressure on your buttocks and thighs is decreased blood circulation in that area. This can be a contributing factor in incidents of such conditions as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), Restless Leg Syndrome (RST) and several other diseases.

We do not advertise the “Best Seat” brand as a medical cushion.

It was designed to be useful in providing seating comfort and increased circulation   for anyone who sits for a long periods of time. Our customers say “Best Seat” is the best solution they have ever found to provide relief from sitting discomfort. Many people who have regular dialysis treatments that require sitting for hours report that this ordeal becomes far more bearable when they sit on a “Best Seat”. This cushion has been known to cure pressure ulcers.

Please meet some our customers here and read about their “Best Seat” experiences.

There are several user's who are so enthralled with the Best Seat cushion that they have made video's. Here is One. See: Here

Here is another:

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