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use this cushion on an airplane, in your car or a regular chair for comfort.

Best Seat

Best Seat Travellers Cushion, Free Shipping In the US

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Best Seat Travelers Cushion

Free Shipping within the US

This latest version of our revolutionary “Portable alternating pressure cushion” is a civilian version of the operating system that we developed for the U.S. Air Force for use by pilots sitting in ejection seats on long missions. Pilots flying to Iraq were getting pressure ulcers as they were in their seat for 48 continuous hours.  The US Air Force uses this patented technology on multi-billion dollar airplanes like the B1 Bomber. This seat moves underneath you.  We can not say it any simpler. Other static cushions are even more expensive and don't do what this cushion does. 

The Travelers cushion uses an advanced electronics package with much improved electronics and micro mechanics that were designed to meet military reliability standards.  It is produced with a more quiet pump with improved electronics for the public at this low price.

Travellers cushion on Xray machine, folded.

* New fiber reinforced plastic outer cases take 300% more abuse without damage!

* New optical timing system, no more wear parts to affect timing.

* Runs 70 hours on one battery charge.

* Smart chargers now “Standard”, recharges the unit in 1 ½ hours anywhere in the world.

* Automatically deflates itself when turned off for easy folding or storage.

The new “Traveler’s Seat” is the finest Best Seat we have produced and it is our own patented product, there is nothing else like it on the market!

We have snow plow drivers, computer programmers, lawyers, preachers, teachers and others who use their “Best Seats” every day and wouldn’t be without them.

Travellers cushion with handles looped for ease of transport. 

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