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hand press to lock bath handle, fits tubs to 4" wide

Creative Specialties two level arthritic ease bathtub / shower clamp handle

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Creative Specialties Dual level, Tub Edge Clamp Handle
Designed for easy use by arthritic hands.

Simply set on the tub edge, lift the levers to position over the tub edge, and push down with an open palm on the clamp handles, to securely lock in place. This product is easily removed when not in use in multi-generational homes.


• Attractive, re-closeable packaging.
Easy to transport.
Simple and quick to set-up for temporary use.
A thoughtful gift!

Easy to install by arthritic hands.  Keep on around for Holiday visitors


This clamp handle is the most professional constructed device for ease of the arthritic hand that we have found.  It opens to over 5" and closes to allow clamping of surfaces only ~ 3" thick.  The tall handle is 9.5 inches from the handle base, the short handle is 6.25 inches similarly. The thick rubber on both the underside and opposing clamp surfaces, assures no marring.  We have not found a better product for ease of use by those with arthritis.

The retail box in which this item is shipped is very sturdy and can be used as a convenient storage location.  It can also be convenient transport box with its stow away handle.  Add the security of this bath handle so a loved one can bathe with dignity and security.  Generally ships from stock within 24 hours.

The dual tub grip is seen in the process of adjustment on the tub edge.

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