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derma saver fabric promotes healing, this leg bandage can help you heal more quickly

DermaSaver Double Knee Full Leg Tube,EKT1300, Four layers of MicroSpring textile protect the knee.

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Derma Saver Double Knee Full Leg Tube

Four layers of Micro Spring Textile protect the knee.available in sizes from Small to Extra Large

Due to the mandatory handling fee, please call 866-822-7348 if ordering more than 1 item. 

Derma Saver Products are designed to overcome the dissatisfaction associated with traditional skin protection products.  All of the products are made with Micro Spring textile that protects skin and reduces pressure that is not possible with traditional gauze or wraps. 


Recent surveys of nurses revealed the following dissatisfaction with traditional skin protection products           

  • Heel protectors constantly fall off, providing no protection, waste time and money
  • Limb sleeves are too tight and cause skin tears upon removal
  • Limb sleeves bunch up or slip down
  • Skin protective products are not washable or wash poorly
  • Elbow pads roll off the elbow
  • Residents find skin protective products hot and uncomfortable
  • Products are “one size fits all” and don’t fit anyone properly
  • Finger separators flatten out
  • Lack of products to cover certain areas. 


Derma Saver has developed a complete line of skin protection and pressure reducing products. Unlike foams, gels, fleece or polyfilDermaSaver reduces all of the conditions that cause skin breakdown. 

Revolutionary MicroSpring Textile offers breathability, moisture transfer and anti-microbial protection not possible with gels, foams, fleece or polyfil. And it is completely washable! 

Microfilaments flex to reduce pressure on bony prominences such as the heel, elbow, vertebra and trochanter. Layers of MicroSpring Textile put up to 20,000 microfilaments per square inch to act as mini pressure relieving springs which provide: 

  • Superior pressure and shear relief
  • Breathable- fabric and filament layers allow air flow
  • Moisture wicking – allows moisture transfer
  • Totally washable according to CDC Guidelines- allows for multi-patient use
  • Durable – will not flatten out or become flaky
  • Sized properly for extra small to extra large
  • Stretch knit (not woven) fabric reduces surface friction
  • Coated with Aegis Microbe Shield, and EPA registered antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms
  • Compatible with topical creams and ointments
  • CA 117 flame retardant 

1stSeniorCare works to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. 1stSeniorCare strives to make every purchase the right purchase for our customers. 

Please note that do to Federal Regulations all sales are final.

It is your responsibility to accurately measure for the product you choose.  The manufacturer will not accept any returns. 1stSeniorCare uses the manufacturer’s recommendations for sizing suggestions, but it is your responsibility to accurately measure.  There are no returns due to Federal Health Regulations.


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