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Drive Medical Narrow Rollator with adjustable height

Drive Medical Narrow Rollator with adjustable height

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Drive RTL10261 Narrow Four Wheeled Rollator 

The rear wheels are outside the Frame making the 20" frame 24" wide.

o   Universal height adjustment on frame allows seat height to be adjusted from 18" to 22" in 1" increments.

o   Comes with new seamless padded seat with zippered pouch under seat.

o   Removable, hinged padded backrest can be folded up or down.

o   Comes with standard carry pouch under the seat for added privacy and security of personal items.

o   Easy to use deluxe loop locks.

o   Serrated brakes.

o   Ergonomic handles are easy to grip and are adjustable in height.


Handle HT High

Handle hight low

Unit overall width

Unit length

Seat depth

Seat width

Seat height

Product weight

Weight limit









14 lbs.

300 lbs.

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