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easy transfer from toilet to tub with seat belt and 350 lbs capacity.

Eagle Health Supply

Eagle Health Toilet to Tub transfer bench extra, extra long sliding transfer, 67993 Free Shipping

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Eagle Health Extra Extra Long Sliding Transfer Bench
Free shipping in the US

This product is available in our  East Coast and West Coast warehouses.

If leg extensions are needed, please call.  It has been our experience that they are rarely needed. 


-Blow molded plastic seat and back with textured finish.

-Seat platform glides smoothly over polished high-strength aluminum tubes.

-Optional armrests attach easily. 

-Adjustable in height to fit both user needs and bathtub wall clearance.

-slide length 37", plus seat width. so 57" 


Model 67993 





Required Clearance

Back Height From Floor

Seat to top of Back

Arm Height From Floor

Seat to top of Arm


Distance between Armrests

Weight capacity

Seat size

Back size

Seat Height

Base Width

Base Depth

W x D x T

W x D x T

Low - Hi

Low - Hi

Low - Hi

Low - Hi



20.25 x 18.5"

17 x 15"

19.5 - 24"

63.5 - 64"

20.5 - 22.5"

14.5 - 19"

34.5 - 39"


26.5 - 31"




350 lbs


This product can be shortened in length by the user. Once modified this product can not be returned. Be sure to round the cut edges to avoid injury and drill the holes needed to secure the end with the existing buttons. There is not an instruction sheet available to do this modification.

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