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The Easy Travel Elite is a portable scooter now shipping within the USA


Easy Travel Elite, From Tzora Foldable Power Scooter, Airline approved battery.

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Easy Travel Elite with in Wheel Motor

Easily our most popular model for those of you who like to travel. This scooter disassembles into three parts that can fit into most cars and the lithium ion batteries are airline approved. Battery is easily removed so all you have to do is bring the battery inside to recharge. With no mechanisms to open or close, latches, or connectors this scooter makes your traveling days easy.  Whether traveling by car, plane, train or boat life on the go is easy.  Comes with a under the seat basket to hold your valuable items or new found treasures. 

All colors are to be available.  

Three wheeled, Lightweight Scooter in the USA, lift up arms, speedometer, folds for easy transport in even smaller vehicles.

The Easy Travel Elite with its unique In-Wheel-hub-Motor? To explain what this means, the motor is actually inside to front wheel. This is the only power scooter manufactured that utilizes this technology.

This design not only saves on space, it makes steering very easy and finally it eliminates weight making the Easy Travel Elite even lighter.

The Easy Travel Elite is a five star award winning motorized scooter receiving great scores in portability, design, and performance. 

You can conveniently fold the Easy Travel Elite similar to a piece of luggage for transport in your vehicle or even by air. The Easy Travel Elite be disassembled into three lightweight components for easier lifting. The total weight of the Easy Travel Elite is only (63.8 Lb) and the heaviest part weighs a mere (29 Lb). With no connectors, latches or mechanisms to open and close when folding or taking apart the Easy Travel Elite. The Easy Travel Elite was  designed with the ideal of enhancing your quality of life by enabling you to travel whenever and wherever you want, without the restrictions of a of a large heavy scooter. The  Easy Travel Elite is simply transported with a car, taxi, train and plane effortlessly. 

The Easy Travel with battery pack in under seat basket, folded for easier travel.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact and light, yet sturdy enough to be the primary scooter for a (280 lbs) person.
  •  The Easy Travel Elite folds effortlessly in seconds.
  • The complete disassembly of the  Easy Travel Elite is done without tools. 
  • The front column is detachable from the base without bending. 
  • The battery pack is removable by lifting a hip high handle.  
  • The front column is detached from the base without bending.  
  • The  Easy Travel Elite power scooter is compact and light and can be transported in the trunk of any car. 
  • Leave your  Easy Travel Elite in the trunk. Just bring the battery indoors for recharging.
  • The Easy Travel Elite may be checked-in with any airline           
  • There are no heavy ground-level parts to be lifted on the Easy Travel Elite.  
  •   Both forward and reverse on front steering handles.  

Each Easy Travel Elite motorized scooter comes with an underseat basket or tub, the 12 A/H battery pack and the home outlet charger.

Easy Travel Elite Specifications 


41"(L) x 22"(W) x 34"(H)

Front Tire

2" x 10"

Rear Tires

2" X 8"

Total Weight

63.8 pounds

Heaviest Part

28 pounds

Battery Range

8-10 miles

Battery Charger

Off-Board Charging

Ground Clearance

3.5 inches

Turning Radius

35 inches

Weight Capacity

280 pounds



Seat Type

Padded w/armrests

Max Speed

4 mph

Storage Basket


Swivel Seat



3 Years Limited

The Easy Travel Elite is very stable on inclines. 

The Incline Stability is: 

150 lbs: 14 degree - 22% grade

200 lbs: 12 degree - 20% grade

240 lbs: 10 degree - 18% grade

280 lbs: 8 degree - 14% grade

As stated by the manufacturer.

The Easy Travel Elite Power Scooter is one of the most portable mobility scooter in the world. You can fold or disassemble the Easy Travel Elite in seconds, without tools or bending down. The heaviest component, the rear frame, weighs 29 pounds. The Easy Travel Elite is designed to fit in small enclosures, so traveling with it is a pleasure.

If you are going to frequently transport your travel scooter in the trunk of your car, or travel the world, the Easy Travel Elite will be a perfect fit for your lifestyle. It folds easier than a baby stroller and is lightweight enough for most people to lift and transport. 

Please charge batteries upon receiving your scooter and let us know promptly if there is an issue.  All batteries are load tested prior to shipment, but carry no warranty after received unless we are informed with 48 hours of receiving the product. 

Click Here for the warranty information. 

Watch and informative use video Here

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