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Emergency Caller Nurse Alert, 40 patient Nurse Call Monitor System

Emergency Caller Nurse Alert, 40 patient Nurse Call Monitor System

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Emergency Caller EM 900 Nurse Alert 

The NEW EM-900 Monitoring Station  is portable and monitors 40+ residents, people, locations, and events at Long Range! Wireless Long Range, 900MHz - up to 1000 ft indoors through walls, floors, ceilings.

It's PORTABLE! Can be carried with you. Alerts you to resident calls and emergency events while you're away from Nurse station or desk.

The LCD Displays the alpha-numeric information that you have entered — received from wireless pendant, "man-down" and universal transmitter/sensors. When sensors are activated, alarm sounds at Monitor Station and LCD displays information. Special features include “Call Waiting” for multiple alarms and data storage. Includes charging cradle and accessories.

Quantity discount pricing available.

Some Common Uses

Receiving medical emergency call 911 alarms
Life Alert remote monitoring
Elderly care call for help
Seizure alarm
Stroke and heart attack alarms
Fallen person alarm
Building security alerts

Personal emergency response systems
Senior citizen assisted living centers
Health and safety injury alert systems
Medical help call alert
Dementia & Alzheimer's wanderer alerts
Slip and fall alerts
Fall protection and prevention systems

 This product will not be avaialable to ship until an upgrade to add new features is complete.  Call 1stSeniorCare at 866-822-7348 to discuss this if you desire this product.

This is the perfect product for Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers, and elderly caregivers. This lightweight, portable monitoring system allows nurses and caregivers to monitor up to 40 patients. Free up your nurses and caregivers without compromising such vital information as man down, medical emergency, and wandering patient. Easy to use and install in assisted living facilities, Alzheimers units and nursing homes. Includes- monitor, charger, cradle, AC-adapter. Low cost system for smaller facilities.

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