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Gunnell Rehab Series Self-Propelled Gurney

Gunnell Rehab Series Self-Propelled Gurney

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Gunnell Self Propelled Gurney, Custom Made in the USA.
The price listed is for the standard-gurney with limited extra features.

 Please FAX your order form to 866-256-6726. Include an email address for a quote to be sent. The order form is at the bottom of this page.

 Self-Propelling Gurney Detail

The Gunnell Self-Propelling Gurney was designed for individuals who cannot tolerate seated mobility to propel themselves from a prone position. The relative position of the push rims to the client are adjustable fore and aft as well as vertically to the optimal position for self-propelling, Anti-tippers on the front and rear allow for safety while the short wheel base maximizes its maneuverability. User operated independent disc brakes enable the user to reduce speed, maneuver, or lock in a stopped position.
The SPG can be customized to fit any individual and comes fully equipped with a 2” pressure relief Sunmate foam and zippered Darlex waterproof, and washable cover. An adjustable angle push handle and tapered corners in the front for ease of going through doorways are also standard. The un-matched Gunnell 5 year “No Fine Print” warranty completes a unique custom mobility system.


Each Self Propelled Gurney Option is engineered and hand crafted to the exact

specifications of the clinical/seating professional, and the needs of the client. The

Gurney Platform is mounted to the same base frame as the Rehab TNT and RAM, and is

capable of tilt-in-space and lateral tilt as well. When a client/patient cannot tolerate being

seated for mobility because of skin breakdown, injury, or surgery, the Self Propelled

Gurney is the ideal solution. An individual can propel from a prone/face down position

with comfort, safety, and incredible maneuverability.

 Features and Benefits:

Built to the size and shape of the individual.

The propelling wheels are positioned to optimize the ability of the user to propel and maneuver from a prone/face down position.

Anti-Tip Devices on the front and back of the base frame for safety.

 Disc brakes available for user activation for slowing down or braking.

Heavy Duty Frame and parts


 1stSeniorCare works to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. 1stSeniorCare strives to make every purchase the right purchase for our customers.

Please note this is a custom product and all sales are final.

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