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Harmar Access Vertical Platform Lift, Premium Platform Lift Accessories

Harmar Access Vertical Platform Lift, Premium Platform Lift Accessories

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Harmar Access Vertical Platform Lifts 

Harmar Access Vertical Platform Lifts are safe, smooth and economical solutions to the barriers stairs can create outside and inside a home. Available in 2, 4 and 6-foot vertical lifting heights, our residential lifts are designed to be simple to install and operate and are virtually maintenance free for use indoors and out. 

  •   52“ and 72” lifting heights (PL200 (discontinued), PL400 and PL600 respectively.)
  •    750 lb lifting capacity
  •    AC motor and no belts
  •    Acme screw drive with back-up nut
  •    Reversible/universal design
  •    34” x 54” non-skid platform
  •    36” high solid side platform walls
  •    Bottom platform safety panel
  •    Keyed, constant pressure controls with emergency stop
  •    Weather protected controls
  •    Adjustable redundant top and bottom limit switches
  •    Automatic folding ramp
  •    GFI Outlet required for outside installation.

  Re-designed for greater reliability 12/08. Updated for 2010. 

Compliance with Performance Safety Standards

Harmar Vertical Platform Lifts are designed to meet ANSI/ASME A18.1 Performance Safety Standards when properly equipped. While Harmar Vertical Platform Lifts meet national standards, it is imperative to check State and Local code requirements before installing to ensure compliance. All State and Local compliance is the responsibility of the purchaser. Some states may require fees for site preparation and permits. Harmar Vertical Platform Lifts should only be installed by a certified, professional Harmar installer. If the Vertical Platform Lift is installed by any other means, the purchaser and installer assume responsibility for issues that may arise involving improper installation.

Emergency alarm and lighting
Portable package
Caregiver platform safety arm
42” solid platform front-wall (for same side entrance and exit.)


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