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Healthcraft Advantage Rail, AR-T from HealthCraft Products

Healthcraft Advantage Rail, AR-T from HealthCraft Products

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Health Craft Advantage Rail/Pole from HealthCraft Products

You've never been so well supported! Advantage Rail is a floor mounted support rail with horizontal bar which promotes safe and independent standing and transfers. The Advantage Railis best used in situations where ceiling restrictions prevent a floor to ceiling pole from being installed.The key to the effectiveness of the Advantage Rail is in the unique operation of the horizontal rail. The rail pivots to move with you in safe small steps providing moving support similar to a walker, yet it can lock in an instant in case of a loss of balance, need for rest, or to assist to a seated position. Operation is simple… a gentle lift unlocks the rail to start it moving, keep the rail up to move freely, or let it down any time to lock it.

The Advantage Pole is a floor mounted pole for basic support and assistance and should be used where floor to ceiling installation is not a problem. The Advantage Pole has all the same features as the Advantage Rail the only difference is where the product is installed.

Highly Effective Support: pivoting feature allows the horizontal rail to be positioned where it can provide maximum support.  This device locks in place with each step you take.

Security: locking feature provides excellent stability while pulling laterally for transfers

Wider Support Zone: supports wider area for increased stability and multi-step transfers

Heavy Duty Construction: all steel construction protected with a durable enamel finish will provide years of service. Lightweight Aluminum 'T' bar is available, for ease of user movement, with equivalent strength.

Flexible: height adjustable to accommodate your specific needs (5 settings between 30" and 38")

Advantage Pole: Pole configuration available for more basic support needs

Advantage Rail/Pole Portable: Each portable model quickly secures and releases from a low profile floor mounted plate. Additional floor plates can be purchased to use rail/pole in multiple locations.



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