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assita rail with organizer helps maintain balance and dignity

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HealthCraft Assista-Rail for Home style and Homecare Beds. AST-S-1 from HealthCraft Products

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The New HealthCraft Assista Rail

Every customer that has purchased this has called to say how happy they are with it. You've never been so well supported! The AssistaRail™, from HealthCraft, is an "inverted U" style bed rail for homecare beds, providing a unique combination of occupant safety and in-bed mobility. This is a great item for homecare beds that aids in the prevention of falls and allows for increased independent mobility.



  •  Ideal for moving from a lying to sitting position in bed and at bedside.

  Easy Installation:

  • Entire "inverted U" shaped rail installs in minutes with basic tools - simply slides between mattress and box spring. Mandatory safety strap and anti-slide grips hold rail from shifting during use. The safety strap secures to the far side bedrail, under the box spring.

 Sleep Safely:

  • effective rail design allows for in-bed mobility & bed queuing (i.e. gives an idea of where the mattress edge is located)

 Comfortable Foam Grip:

  • long durable grip covers both horizontal & vertical parts of the rail to allow versatile gripping and handling (non-latex material). 


  •  clean, modern design blends in with your bedroom decor.



Quality Finish - All steel construction protected with a durable baked on finish will provide years of great service.

Attractive - Smooth, white, finish attributes to a clean and modern design which will suit any decor.

Safety Strap & Traction Grips - Mandatory safety strap and anti-slide grips hold rail from shifting during use.

User Weight Capacity - Maximum user weight 250lbs/113kg.

MODEL NUMBER for Assista-Rail™ 

AST-DX Assista-Rail™ for home style beds.

AST-B Assista-Rail™ with pouch for home style beds. This is a nylon pocket that attaches to the Assista-Rail to provide bedside access to personalcare items.

AST-C Assista-Rail™ with cane for home style beds. The Assista-Cane is a fixed handle that mounts to the Assista-Rail. Provides effective outward support for sitting and standing. Will help to prevent bodytwisting and minimize fall risk.

Note: VERTICAL LOAD BEARING ONLY - DO NOT use if you require more than minimal sideward (lateral) support. Maximum user weight 250lbs/113kg. Do not use with electric or hospital style beds. Supplied strap must be installed, tightened and regularly inspected for secure operation. Lock casters on mobile beds prior to using rail. Due to the potential risks associated with neck entrapment, the Assista-Rail™ is not recommended for users with the following conditions: erratic body movements, altered mental status, pre-existing conditions such as confusion, restlessness and dementia. 1stSeniorCare has been supplying HealthCraft products discounted for ten years.

1stSeniorCare works to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase.  1stSeniorCare strives to make every purchase the right purchase for our customers.


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