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HealthCraft Dependa-Bar pivots and locks for transfer and tub activity security, DB-18-SK

HealthCraft Dependa-Bar pivots and locks for transfer and tub activity security, DB-18-SK

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  This is a great well made product that can be installed in your home or facility and last for years.  easy to use and very appreciated by residents, 

A revolutionary product which combines the sturdiness of a wall mounted grab bar and the functionality of a dual support rail that moves in step during standing and transferring in the bathroom.


Features and Benefits:

 • Ease of Installation - Mounts using conventional means to walls of most constructions. Bolt pattern compatible with WingIts® Fastening System, (sold separately) (Please see the installation accessories above.) if wall stud location is not appropriate.

 •Pivoting & Locking Technology - Dependa-Bar™ locks every 45 degrees

(5 positions), providing a support rail that moves with user. When not in use, the Dependa-Bar™ conveniently locks against the wall. Ideal where bathtub is used by family members who do not need the support. 

 •Versatile  - Can be installed in the bathtub or beside the toilet.

 •Water Resistant  - Stainless steel construction provides an easy to clean, durable grab rail that provides years of life.

 •Safe - Fixed horizontal grab bar has ADA compliant diameter (1.25") and wall clearance (1.5"). When locked against the wall, the Dependa-Bar™ is aligned with the fixed horizontal grab bar to maintain ease of access.


Technical Specifications:


Pivot Rail


1.25" / 3.175 cm grip diameter, #304 Stainless steel construction.


Pivot Rail Height


30.5" / 77.74 cm vertical rail height.


Pivot Rail Length


"P" shaped dual rail extends 18" / 45.72 cm length from bathtub wall (6" / 15.24 cm spacing between horizontal rails).

Locks every 45 degrees

(5 positions).

Horizontal Grab Bar


1.25" / 3.175 cm grip diameter. 1.5" / 3.81 cm clearance from wall (ADA compliant). Height adjustable at time of installation, typically 4" / 10.16 cm from top of bathtub surface.

#304 Stainless steel construction.


Grab Bar Lengths


18" / 45.72 cm and 32" / 81.28 cm lengths available for lower grab rail.


Weight Capacity


250 lbs. / 113 kg.



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