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superpole-super bar, helps maintain dignity by giving just the help the person desires

HealthCraft Super Pole - SuperBar from HealthCraft Products

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HealthCraft SuperPole/SuperBar

Central to the system is a stylish vertical pole - a secure patient aid that can be installed in minutes with basic tools by simple jackscrew expansion between a floor and ceiling. It also serves as a mounting structure to a complete range of options that may be added as needs change. This is the highest quality superpole or superbar we carry.  There other knock-offs but this is the original and has undergone several improvements.  Buy the original form 1stSeniorCare and get the quality and attention you deserve.

Take a moment to see how the SuperPole / Superbar can work to assist.  Click the image.

 Super Bar: Imagine transferring with a secure support rail always in front of you. Pull sideward on the SuperBar to help you stand. Take a moment to rest, leaning on the bar. When you are ready, simply lift the bar to unlock it, pivot it, and then relock it to make your next safe step. Easy to master.

The super pole fits ceiling heights between 93" and 99" and upto 120" with the optional Uni-Fit extender (which is for the standard weight capacity only.) When using the unifit extender, the trapeze can not be used.  The maximum height superpole is 99" for use of the trapeze.  The trapeze and SuperPole SuperBar are used together as long as the Unifit Xxtender is not used or ordered with the item.

For mild assistance, consider the floor mounted SuperPole FRS which can be portable. The FRS is held within dedicated in-floor receptacles and secured into the receptacle by turning a knob on top of the lightweight but sturdy pole. The FRS removes and reinstalls in less than a minute. In-Floor receptacles are installed flush at each location that transfer support is required. When not in use, the floor receptacle is sealed with a liquid-tight flush mount cap.

Orders are normally processed and shipped within 1-2 business days from the date they are received. Custom orders may take up to 14 business days to prepare. All orders are shipped UPS Ground from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.or if in our New York warehouse, direct from New York.

All HealthCraft Products are covered by a one year limited warranty with the exception of hand grips which are subject to normal wear. HealthCraft Products Inc. does not assume any liability for damage resulting from services performed by others or faulty installation, misuse or misapplication of goods sold by HealthCraft Products Inc.

1stSeniorCare works to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. 1stSeniorCare strives to make every purchase the right purchase for our customers.

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