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The CS-7 high low bed (7" low) is made by InvaCare and ships quickly

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InvaCare CS7 Full Electric Home Care Bed with Glissandro mattress

This bed has become the industry standard for long term care beds whether in a facility or private home. The CS7 features “auto contour” that simultaneously raises both the head and knees assuring the resident stays comfortable while being better positioned to read, watch TV, or talk to family members. This simultaneous movement also helps prevent skin shear that can happen with patients who are bedridden or the elderly who suffer from “thin skin.”  (The trapeze shown is not included in this package.  Call if it is desired and a formal quote can be provided.) The Invacare CS-7 bed is fully electric for positioning and high low functions.

The CS7 bed features the popular 36” bed width and is 80” long. The height range for the CS7 bed is 7”-30” with a 500 lb. weight  capacity. The bed ends are Amherst style in the much desired Biltmore Cherry finish. The mattress is the Solace Resolution Glissando mattress.(The mattress shown below is the Glissando.)The two layers of high-density foam with a patented gliding layer move independently as the bed articulates to reduce friction and shear. This bed can accommodate very heavy persons, up to 500 lbs. 

The Glissando Mattress


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