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The CS-9 FX-600 bed is a bariatric capacity high low bed in our quickship listings.

InvaCare CCG

Invacare CS-9 FX600 high low height adjustable full electric Bariatric bed with adjustable width

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Invacare CS Series CS9 FX600 600 lbs capacity High Low bed

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 Full Electric High Low (Adjustable Height)  Bariatric Adjustable bed

 A Win/Win/Win proposition. CS9 FX600

Facility Benefits

The flexibility of this bed will appeal to facilities who will no longer need to stock multiple beds in different widths and weight capacities to accommodate changing resident needs.  600 lbs standard capacity and mobile at any height.

Facility staff will appreciate it’s toolless set-up and adjustments of both deck width and headboard. Manual heel lift.

The 600 lbs. capacity of the Invacare CS9 FX600 means it can even accommodate many bariatric residents in comfort and safety.

Caregiver Benefits

Deck and headboard both adjust in a snap without tools or additional parts.

Redesigned hand pendant is easier to clean with fewer recessed areas.

The CS9 FX600 features Invacare CS series advantages such as an easy to clean slat deck, vertical travel range and optional Attendant control Panel (ATP) with Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg capabilities.

Resident Benefits

Adjustable deck ensures the dignity and comfort that the appropriate width provides.

The head board that is adjustable is adjust using back of headboard attachments at the time of assembly in the residence or hospital.  The head board adjusts from 39 to 48" attachments.

Optional Safety Packages include an underbed light for safe transfers in dark rooms and an integrated nurse call both operated through the hand pendant.

To maximize safety, gaps between the mattress and headboard are minimized due to an easily adjusted headboard.

The Auto Contour feature, which raises both head and knees simultaneously, maximizes comfort as the residents stays in place while the bed is articulated.

The underbed light is part of the Optional Safety Package on this height adjustable bed.


Older facilities and private homes with narrow doorways will appreciate the easy adjustment of the CS9 FX600 to allow movement through a doorway only 36” wide, when needed.  The bed can then be adjusted to the correct width when in the resident’s room.



The easy adjustable width of the CS9 FX600 is shown above.

    • 600 lbs capacity
    • Adjusts from 36” to 39” to 42” width without tools -No additional parts to purchase to make width adjustments.
    • 9" - 30" height range
    •  Adjustable headboard, fixed width footboard, standard.
    •  Uses current Carroll CS series Frame - Tool-less assembly
    •  Auto Contour standard

Mattress Keepers standard

  • Features improved hand pendant (8 button, fluid resistant) and optional safety package
  • Easy to move through narrow doorways
  • Warranty : electronics 2 yrs. , mechanical 5yrs. , frame 10yrs

  Additional Information

Click here to see the available bed end color tones and styles

Click here to see the Invacare CS bed Warranty


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