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The IH6302G is a fixed height supine tub useful for facilities prices with DirectSupply.

InvaCare CCG

Invacare IH6302G Supine Whirlpool tub with pipeless technology, (Silcraft) Fixed Height. Call for special shipping costs

$ 11,075.00 $ 12,137.31

Invacare IH6302G fixed Height Supine Whirlpool tub 

Call us or email us for a quote with lift and the lowest shipping rates: 866-822-7348



  • All wetted components are easily accessible for quick and thorough disinfection
  • Pipeless technology conserves water, chemicals and time
  • Longer, wider and deeper to provide full immersion bathing
  • Ample space provided in hip and shoulder areas to make resident turning and handling easier. Narrower side walls allow the caregiver to be closer to the resident in the tub
  • Adjustable height model (ADH) can be raised to a comfortable working position for the caregiver and reduce back strain due to bending
  • Fast-fill mixing anti-scald valve dispenses 17 gallons per minute
  • Adjustable stainless steel legs make leveling easy and simplifies installation

Invacare’s Supine Bathing Series was designed to provide semi-ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents with the benefits of hydro therapy. Strategically located hydro massage jets aid in increasing blood circulation, relieving pain, and facilitating wound healing. Both tubs in this series are full immersion size, designed to facilitate larger residents and provide a relaxing and enjoyable bathing experience.  Choose either free standing model or the Adjustable Height model whirlpool bath tub with hydro-therapy from Invacare. The whirlpool uses Sanijet technology which keeps the tub sanitary for each user.

 Specifications IH6302G 

Outside length:



Outside width:


Inside length:


Inside width at shoulders:


Inside width at feet:


Rim height (fixed height model):


Fill rate:

17 GPM


72-80 GPM flow rate

  Inside width at seat


 Invacare Continuing Care is pleased to introduce the Therapure™ line of whirlpool bathing tubs.  The new line of Invacare bathing systems has been designed for unsurpassed purity, ease of use and supreme relaxation- a better bathing experience for both resident and caregiver. 

Invacare Therapure bathing tubs, powered by SANIJET pipeless technology are the only long-term care tubs certified to meet the hospital-grade disinfection requirements of NSF International’s Protocol P182, meaning Invacare tubs offer the purest bathing experience available in long-term care. 

The most compelling feature on the tubs is the pipeless jet system.  The whirlpool jets are quickly removable by hand for disinfection, and all wetted components are accessible for easy cleaning and superior infection control where up to 99.9% of bacteria can be removed after each bath.  The pipeless jets also provide a quieter, more luxurious spa experience for the resident and the water stays warm longer.  Each tub has four jets for hydo-therapy. 

We have updated the control console and the shower massage wand system and added features like auto fill/shut-off on all of the tubs.  The smooth double wall fiberglass shells have been modified for the new jets and are contoured for optimal comfort. 

  Lead time for the tubs is four weeks.

Features Highlighted

Integrated console(3752G shown)

Provides the resident with easy access to the auto-fill/ auto shut-off and anti-scald mixing valve, thermometer

Innovation at hand

The shower wand features an integrated flow control lever to deliver the desired water pressure, while the spray setting can be adjusted by rotating theshowerhead.


Indulge residents with a soothing spaexperience

An Invacare bath is quieter, cleaner and stays warm longer than air bubble


     PipelessTM Purity

Without pipes, pumps or airchannels that can provide a breeding ground for bacteria,



  • Caregivers can easily access tub controls in one central location.
  • Fast fill in under 3 min. reduces bathing prep time so caregivers can focus on the resident.
  • Built-in wand aids in disinfecting and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.
  • See the video for disinfecting the Whirlpool Tub Here
  • Anti-scald mixing valve, thermometer, and shower valve provide safe and comfortable bathing. 


  • Provides deep immersion bathing and hydromassage therapy in a supine position. 
  • Ample space in the hip and shoulder areas makes resident bathing and handling easier. 
  • Stylish key-hole design improves caregiver access to the resident.
  • Includes four adjustable whirlpool jets and a ¾ HP motor and pump.
  • Designed for use with the Invacare 1200 Resident Lift.
  • 6300ADH adjustable height model raises to a comfortable working position for caregivers, reducing back strain from bending (28" - 42").

 Please choose one of two models of bath lift.



A General purpose, battery powered, height adjustable lift/transport system designed to handle a variety of lifting functions in both institutional and residential environments..

  • Fiberglass seat and back rest with armrests that lock into position for maximum support.
  • A solid contoured seat, or a contoured seat with commode cut out are available. 
  • Vertical range of motion is 30" and is operated by a hand held control unit.




  • Works in conjunction with Invacare’s 6302 Supine Bathing System. 
  • Residents can be easily and safely transferred on to the lift using the roll-on technique. 
  • Residents can be transported in either a fully supine or inclined position.
  • Hand-held battery operated control raises and lowers the lift a maximum of 30-inches.
  • Six height adjustments are provided.
  • Two stretcher safety straps provide additional security during transports.
  • The mesh stretcher may be easily removed for laundering.

Installation guidelines, specs and instructions available by calling 866-822-7348 during office hours. 

This product is on our GSA contract V797P2147D

See the video for disinfecting the whirlpool tub Here

Download the Silcraft tubs pictorial parts guide Here

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