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The InvaCare IH6302ADH is an adjustable height whirlpool tub with Sanijet technology.

Invacare New Adjustable Height Supine Whirpool Tub, IH6302GADH now with pipeless technology for efficient disinfection.

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Invacare Continuing Care is pleased to introduce the Therapure™ line of bathing tubs.  The new line of Invacare bathing systems has been designed for unsurpassed purity, ease of use and supreme relaxation- a better bathing experience for both resident and caregiver. 

Invacare Therapure bathing tubs, powered by SANIJET pipeless technology are the only long-term care tubs certified to meet the hospital-grade disinfection requirements of NSF International’s Protocol P182, meaning Invacare tubs offer the purest Hydro therapy bathing experience available in long-term care. 

The most compelling feature on the tubs is the pipeless jet system.  The whirlpool jets are quickly removable by hand for disinfection, and all wetted components are accessible for easy cleaning and superior infection control where up to 99.9% of bacteria can be removed after each bath.  The pipeless jets also provide a quieter, more luxurious spa experience for the resident and the water stays warm longer.  Each whirlpool tub has four sanijets. Sanijet technology keeps the tub sanitary for each user.

IH6302GADH Features Highlighted

Adjustable Height

Reduces strain on

caregiver by raising or

lowering tub at the touch of a button (ADH model).

Innovation at hand

The shower wand features an integrated flow control lever to deliver the desired waterpressure, while the spray settingcan be adjusted by rotating theshowerhead.


Indulge residentswith a soothing spaexperience

An Invacare bath is quieter,cleaner and stays warm longer than air bubble


     PipelessTM Purity

Without pipes, pumps or airchannels that can provide abreeding ground for bacteria,




  • All wetted components are easily accessible for quick and thorough disinfection
  • Pipeless technology conserves water, chemicals and time
  • Longer, wider and deeper to provide full immersion bathing
  • Ample space provided in hip and shoulder areas to make resident turning and handling easier. Narrower side walls allow the caregiver to be closer to the resident in the tub
  • Adjustable height model (ADH) can be raised to a comfortable working position for the caregiver and reduce back strain due to bending
  • Fast-fill mixing anti-scald valve dispenses 17 gallons per minute
  • Adjustable stainless steel legs make leveling easyand simplify installation.
  • Sanijet technology keeps the tub sanitary for each user.


 Specifications IH6302GADH 

Outside length:



Outside width:


Inside length:


Inside width at shoulders:


Inside width at feet:


Rim height ((ADH model):


Fill rate:

17 GPM


72-80 GPM flow rate


Note: The adjustable height should make the caregivers back reduce strain.  



 Pipeless Purity Explained and Contrasted

Therapure TM  Tubs Featuring


Air and Bubble Systems




Water Purity

Invacare bathing systems are certified by NSF International for complete Level II EPA disinfection under Protocol P182, ensuringelimination of 99.9% of bacteria – for clean andpure bathing water.

Testing found high concentrations of infectious bacteria in 100% of piped whirlpools tested,including E. Coli, Staphylococcus, Legionella andPseudomonas from locations throughout the United States.

Cleaning Protocols

In approximately 5 minutes, every wettedcomponent of our pipeless spa bath can be thoroughly cleaned to hospital-gradedisinfection standards (NSF nternational) after each use.

Recommended cleaning protocols like diluted bleach rinses and other techniques are ineffective, as they do not physically scrub clean the inner pipe and channel surfaces. To our knowledge, there is no scientific data proving the efficacy of these cleaningregimens.

Access to Wetted Surfaces

Every component that comes in contact withwater is easily accessible from inside the bath tub for quick and easy cleaning.

These systems contain jet bodies, air bubblers, airchannels, up to 30 feet of water or air piping, fittings, pumps and blowers. These hidden components trap bathing residue that can promote the growth of infectious bacteria and are inaccessible for properinspection and cleaning by hand.

Noise Level

At just 58 dB, pipeless jets function quietly and smoothly for a more relaxing bath.

The higher decibel (dB) levels in piped whirlpools (68dB) and air bubble baths (77dB) create anunpleasant and noisy environment.

Superior Hydrotherapy

Our pipeless hydrotherapy system was developed to deliver an authentic spa experience – pure, clean and ultra-quiet.

Most piped whirlpool tubs and air baths offer an assortment of jets and air holes to create“hydrotherapy”.

Spa and Bath Additives

Enjoy essential oils, bath salts, and

aromatherapy products. Residue can be completely removed with a simple, thorough cleaning.

Most piped whirlpool and air bath manufacturers caution against using bath salts, oils or otheradditives as they build up in the piping and air channels, making an unsanitary system even worse.

Water Retention

Invacare baths retain less than 0.2

 fluid ounces – about a teaspoon – which is easily accessible for quick cleaning.

A typical piped whirlpool tub or air tub can retain more than 13 fluid ounces of dirty bath water, which is inaccessible for cleaning. Bathers often feel this dirty water as a “cold water blast” when the system is activated.

Water Heat Loss

A typical pipeless spa bath loses only 1.5 Fdegrees of temperature in a 20 minute bathing cycle, almost imperceptible to the human body.

These systems can lose up to 8 degrees of heat in 20 minutes due to the injection of cool air, lengthyexternal piping and air channels. Expensive in-line water heaters are required to attempt to maintainwater temperature for these systems.


IH-1200 Supine-Stretcher Transport Electric Lift
See the video for disinfecting the whirlpool tub Here
Download the Silcraft tubs pictorial parts guide Here
Purchase the IH1200 bath lift with digital scale to record patient weights during transfer to the IH6302G or IH6302GADH
The tub and lift are on our  GSA contract V797P2147D
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