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This lift can be disassembled and taken on trips if need be. A hydraulic workhorse.

InvaCare Patient Floor Lift 9805

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InvaCare Model 9805 Hydraulic Patient Floor Lift

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InvaCare 9805 Hydraulic Patient Floor Lift Model no. 9805 Too often, manual patient transfers lead to caregiver back injuries. The InvaCare 9805 Hydraulic Patient Floor Lift was created to make transport situations safe and affordable for everyone involved.

With its slim design, the hydraulic patient floor lift is versatile enough to use for any and all patient moves, even patient floor lifts. The features of the InvaCare 9805 Hydraulic lift include a padded swivel bar and push handle, a 450-pound weight capacity, durable chrome- plated construction and 360 degrees patient rotation without side-to-side sway.  Lightweight construction and easy disassembly allow quick transport, repositioning and setup. (This patient lift is used for travel due to its easy disassembly and transport.)  Indispensable to patients and caregivers alike, the 9805 patient floor lift offers safety, comfort and stability.  Most important, it offers peace of mind, which makes it a valuable asset to your Health Care facility or home. This lift is a Work horse and has very few failures reported.


Six-point swivel bar attachment easily adapts to all sling styles and positions.
20" - 64" range allows for patient to be safely picked up from a lying position on the floor

Pump handle can rotate from side to side for convenience of attendant during use.

Offset mast and boom style provide a better lift path, maximizing full travel range

Swivel bar and pump handle are padded for comfort

Elongated handle design serves a broad range of operator heights and offers improved handling ability.

Frtont wheels are 3 inches and swivel, the back wheels are 5 inches and lock.

A choice of sling attachment methods can be found above and are supplied with the patient floor lift.

Warranty includes three years on lift, one year on hydraulic pump.

Please use the link below to choose an InvaCare sling for use with this 9000 series patient floor lift.

Patient Floor Lift Specifications

Base Length:


Base Width:

Open: 42.25" Closed: 22"


Front: 5" , Rear: 5"

Overall Height

Maximum @ sling hookup: 64"

Mininum @ sling hookup: 20"

Base height:

6.5" (clearance)

Product Weight:

68 lbs. , 50" x 24.25" x 13"

Product Weight Capacity:

450 lbs.

Shipping Product

Weight: 85 lbs.

Oversize ground shipping required

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Additional Information

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