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Invacare Solace Resolution Glissando Gliding Mattress

Invacare Solace Resolution Glissando Gliding Mattress

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Invacare® Solace Therapy Series Therapeutic Tri-layered Foam Mattress with Visco Foam Top Glissando Mattress glides to reduce friction on the patient. 

Solace mattresses are unique dual- and tri-layered foam formulations. They are designed to prevent and relieve pressure ulcers by distributing weight as uniformly as possible, and allowing blood to flow through the capillaries in areas prone to lesion development.

Invacare's Solace Resolution Gliding mattress eliminates the compression that can cause painful skin shear and increased pressure on sensitive areas of the patient's body by allowing the top and bottom sections of the mattress to move independently of each other. The lower section remains flush against the bed frame as it is raised or lowered while the resident glides freely and comfortably on the upper section. This minimizes skin shear and provides full support for the patient in any position

The Prevention, Therapy, and Resolution mattress systems offer good, better and best solutions in static support surfaces. Within each category, the products also reflect increasing treatment efficacy.

This mattress builds more into the therapy mattress is a specially designed visco top to cradle the entire body in foam. This series provides comfort and support and includes the side supports and three layers of "fortress" cut style foam. It gives pressure relief in the prevention of pressure ulcers in medium to high risk patients.

Many support surfaces have been shown to improve pressure ulcers, however there is no compelling evidence that one performs better than all others in all circumstances. It is best to consider the therapeutic benefits of the products when determining which to use.

The unique and patented designs combine comfort and technology for patient and caregiver confidence. The mattresses are available in standard 80" lengths  

The Solace Resolution Gliding mattress also has deep contours to maximize body contact, reducing isolated pressure points that can lead to pressure ulcers. The cover of the Solace Resolution Gliding mattress is made with 2-way stretch material that stays snug against the foam insert and is water-resistant and air-permeable fabric, and the entire cover removes easily for laundering.

The foam layers of a Solace Resolution Glissando theraputic mattress.


  • Highest level mattress for preventing pressure ulcers in medium to high risk patients
  • Pressure reducing, triple-layer foam mattress with fortress cut design and visco topper designed to cradle and support
  • Built in sides provide support for patient
  • Level three in the Solace Therapy series of mattresses designed with increasing performance
  • 70 denier nyon top and 11 oz. tri-laminate vinyl bottom; Waterproof and anitmicrobial
The Solace Resolution in Use showing the glide.
500 lbs. weight capacity.
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