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Karman Healthcare Ergo Flight

Karman Healthcare Ergo Flight

Our Price: $ 689.00
Retail Price: $ 1,317.00
You Saved: $ 628.00

the Ergo Flight  at 19.8 lbs compares to the Tilite products in weight. Frame color is Pearl Silver available in 16" and 18" seat widths.  Choose model below. You Can get companion brakes in the drop down menu.

Why Ergo Flight?

In today’s market, people are tired of the heavy wheelchairs that were meant to promote mobility to disabled or mobility impaired individuals. Where mobility and ease of transportation were meant to be the primary importance of manufacturing a wheelchair, somehow manufactures got lost on what was most important to the people using the chairs.

Karman proudly announces the product that will redefine ultralight weight at the most competitive price. We did this by mixing a competitive metal (Aircraft Grade T6 Alu) with the most efficient geometry possible in designing a wheelchair.

What we get is a functional wheelchair that slashes price on any Titanium wheelchair driving economy directly to the homes of individuals that wish to have the ultimate mobility wheelchair possible. We also offer an Ergo Flight transport version with 14″ rear wheels.

Ergo Flight Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Features:

14.5 lb. Frame / 19.8 lb. (w/o footrest)

Revolutionizing and pushing T6 Grade Aluminum Geometry and Technology to its best to compete with Titanium saving YOU more than 71% in price!

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