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Karman Standing Wheelchair XO-505

Karman Standing Wheelchair XO-505

Our Price: $ 12,879.00
Retail Price: $ 18,995.00
You Saved: $ 6,116.00

The standing wheelchair is only available in 18" seat width, but seat depths of 18, 19' and 20"

Karman Healthcare presents the ultimate standing device for your mobility needs. This stand up wheelchair is not your typical standing chair, it is the complete package when it comes to power chairs. It has a brand new frame design that is clean and easy to maneuver.

Comes with state of the art LCD display that allows you full control of all the features included. This chair was built tough, it has enough power and torque to navigate the roughest outdoor terrains you may encounter. Weighs under 56 bs.  that allows for easier transport. Only comes in Artic Blue

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