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The MA95Z, MA90Z and MA95ZB42 lateral rotation mattress and pump system

MA95Z,MA90Z, and MA95ZB42 Lateral Rotation, alternating pressure, True Low Air Loss Mattress System including Pump, Free Shipping

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MA95ZB42 Lateral rotation, alternating pressure, true low air loss mattress system
and MA90Z, MA90ZB42, MA90ZB48 also lateral rotating.

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These two (2) microAIR lateral rotation mattress models, MA90Z and MA95Z,  provide lateral rotation, alternating pressure and low air loss therapy for residents who must be turned for pressure relief or other health indications. Inherent in the design of the patented Z-cell air cell design is alternating pressure as mattress turns.

Lateral rotation mattress includes patented z-cell subtle turning motion. Additional therapies include alternating pressure and on-demand low air loss to keep the environment temperate and help wick away moisture and heat, the leading causes of pressure ulcer formation. 

  • Magnetic hose connector is fast and easy to attach
  • Automatic wireless fowler adds 25% more air to mattress to prevent bottoming out when bed is articulated
  • Digitally controlled pressure monitoring maintains proper pressure interfaces
  • Alternating pressure times can be customized
  • Lateral rotation can turn patient up to 45 degrees as necessary at customizable intervals


 Overall Length: 80"   

Overall Width: 36", 42" or 48" see drop down menu

Capacity: up to 1000 pounds

 Overall Height: MA95Z 16" includes 3 " side bolsters,

Overall Height: MA90Z 12" includes ~2" raised side rails

  Warranty: 1 year on Mattress, 2 years on pump

Please note that due to Federal regulations all mattress sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.


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