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Molly Bath Lift with rechargeable battery


Molly Bath Lift with rechargeable battery

$ 2,800.95 $ 3,545.25
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Molly Bath Lift

  • Mounts to existing bath 
  • Most versatile bathlift on the market. 
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Sturdy grab rail for added safety 
  • Detaches so bath can be used by other bathers 
  • Fits various size tubs 
  • Works great with jetted or Jacuzzi tubs .

The Molly Bather is the only bath lift with a luxury

padded transfer-stool.

  • The powerful battery gives around 20 bath lifts

between charges.

  • Raise and lower effortlessly with the slip-cushion.
  • A full soak, at the very bottom of your bath tub.
  • The bath lift is operated by a waterproof handset.
  • The belt unclips for others to use the bath unaided

Maximum user weight 308 lbs

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