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New SmartCareGiver Single Door Smart Door Monitor System, TL3005SYSR2 updated for 2015-16

New SmartCareGiver Single Door Smart Door Monitor System, TL3005SYSR2 updated for 2015-16

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SmartCareGiver Wireless Smart Door Monitor TL3005SYSR2

Updated to have wall mount reset in lieu of caregiver key for user convenience.
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Anti-Wandering Door Alarm Monitor System
This "All in One" Anti-Wandering Door Alarm System functions with just a Door Alarm and a Resident Wristband. Simply hang the Door Alarm above any crucial exit or doorway in your care facility and plug it in.  NO SET-UP REQUIRED! When a resident wearing a wristband attempts to wander too close or through the doorway, the door alarm sounds audibly and visually. The Caregiver can silence the alarm using the wall mount reset. This system can also be configured for use with a Central Monitoring Unit that alarms at a Nurse’s Station (or other location) and displays the doorway and resident that set-off the door alarm.  This SmartCareGiver wireless anti-wandering system is so easy to set-up we can say "no set-up required."  The TL3005SYSR1 anti-wandering system now includes the AC-03 adapter (6 foot power cord) and two magnetic contacts. The contacts, when installed, require both the monitored resident to be within the range of the door monitor and that the door be open initiating an open magnet contact which triggers the alarm.

When resident, wearing wristband passes through the monitored door, an audible alarm sounds or an optional light flashes, alerting the Care Giver. An optional light is best if the resident being warned is hard of hearing.  A numbered Key Pad on the monitor informs the Care-Giver which resident has passed through the door, allowing for a quick response.  The TL3005SYSR2 can communicate wirelessly with a central monitor (sold seperately).

This stand-alone system installs anywhere with 2 screws and runs on AC Power with battery back-up . It is used with the Moisture-proof and Shockproof (TL- 2012S) wireless wristband, shown below for systems installed prior to May 2010.   New systems are sent with the upgraded wristband with higher frequency and power output for faster detection, the TL2012S Rev. The image above shows the door sensors and the SmartDoorMonitor. When coupled with the optional Smart Central Monitor, the alarm source can be identified at the door of transgress, as well as a Nurse or night watch station.  An optional Smart Paging System that interfaces to the Smart Central Monitor, can notify mutiple standard pagers or cell phones of the alarm.

The wireless alarm system has an optional remote light and audible alarm has been improved.  This system that can be placed up to 50 feet away from the door monitor and can be programmed to work with from one to 10 different door monitors. 

Affordable Anti-Wandering Monitors

     Smart Caregiver, Inc., located in Petaluma, California offers a Wireless Anti-Wandering System for under $500. The Smart Caregiver Smart Door Monitor is noteworthy because it is affordable to the average LTC facility and it operates with batteries or AC power, making it easy to install anywhere with just two screws. LTC facilities rely on this affordable anti-wandering system because it easily installs in minutes and provides residents with the comfort and security they deserve. Residents can get their rest because there are no alarms in the room and Care Givers can track multiple residents accurately and quickly from the same system. 
A typical installation utilizes a door monitor, the AC adapter for the monitor (to back up the batteries), an audible alarm/ flashing light at the door being transgressed and the resident wristband.  Each installation is unique and 1stSeniorCare has the expertise in our Customer Service department to assist you in your design or to completely design the Anti-Wandering System for you.  Call us at 866 822 7348, toll free, for assistance.  Volume purchases will be provided pricing courtesy. 
Please return the 30 day money-back guarantee prior to ordering. See below. Orders placed without the return of the 30 day document will be held until that form is returned. 

1stSeniorCare works to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. 1stSeniorCare strives to make every purchase the right purchase for our customers.

Additional Information

 Download the Brochure Here
Download the 30 day money back gurantee here. Please return the 30 day Money-back guarantee document to FAX 866-252-6726 prior to ordering.  We must have this document in our hands prior to shipment.

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