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Pink Slip (10 pack) Easy entry and exit aid for beds, is being used in long term care, foster care, and skilled nursing facilitiies

Pink Slip (10 pack) Easy entry and exit aid for beds, is being used in long term care, foster care, and skilled nursing facilitiies

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Pink Slip

Are You On The Go? Just getting in and out of your seat can be a painful and frustrating experience!

The pink Slip™ makes it easy! 

Now available in packs of 10 each

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What is the Pink SlipTM?

The all new recyclable Pink SlipTM is a friction reducing device with HD Poly Warm-Touch TechnologyTM, and has one of the lowest slip index ratings on themarket. It glides against itself, making patient transfer and repositioning easier to accomplish by caregivers and more comfortable for patients.

Highest User Compliance

Always available, the Pink SlipTM gets used! Individually packaged in a ready-to-use StatPakTM, the Pink SlipTM Þ ts in a pocket or dispenser for immediate use. No slings to track down, no dead batteries, no tricky connections, you can depend on Pink SlipTM to be ready when you are.

Patient Comfort

The HD Poly Warm-Touch TechnologyTM minimizes friction and enhances patient comfort. The slippery inner surface of the Pink SlipTM slides against itself, not the patient, reducing the risk of skin shear. Plus, transfer and repositioning is accomplished easily, helping reduce patient anxiety.

The Pink  Slip™ has full 360° swivel motion and there’s no weight limit.  It’s waterproof and lightweight, less than 2 oz.

Single Patient Use

The Pink Slip TM is designed to be reused when transferring or repositioning the same patient which reduces cross contamination risks associated with reusable products.

Completely Recyclable

With a Resin Recycle Code of                     

The Pink Slip  is an important part of any“Green Initiative” program. It takes up little recycle bin space and has a tiny carbon footprint compared to other patient handling devices.

 Cost Effective

The Pink SlipTM is a fraction of the cost of ceiling track lift systems or air transfer technologies. No capital investment, no messy installation, no need for electrical plug-ins or noisy compressors. The low cost Pink SlipTM can be used multiple times on the same patient, eliminating the cleaning costs associated with reusable products. 

The Pink  Slip™ can help the elderly with limited mobility, those with back pain or arthritis and those recovering from hip, back or other surgery.  It’s a great aid for caregivers who don’t have the strength or mobility themselves to help people in or out of car seats. 

The Pink Slip is being used in long term care, foster care, and skilled nursing facilities.    It is a lateral transfer and repositioning friction reducing device.

Unlike other products the Pink Slip™ always works smoothly regardless of the shape of the seat and it’s as comfortable as the seat itself.  And, because it’s so thin, the Pink  Slip™ doesn’t add to the height of the seat so you feel comfortable and secure.  The Pink  Slip™ is large enough to work with any seat yet it’s lightweight and folds to a handy size so it’s easy to take with you and easy to store. 

If needed, the Pink Slip™ can be used with a pillow or towel.  The pink Slip™ is latex free and it’s 100% recyclable so it’s earth friendly. 

1stSeniorCare has been seeking a product to meet this need at a reasonable cost.  

Please Click HERE to see an explanatory training video.


Click HERE for an instructional video on Pink Slip.  

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