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Prowler 5 star electric scooter

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Prowler 5 star electric scooter

$ 2,349.00 $ 4,928.00

The Prowler Is A Five Star 3- Wheel Scooter That Is All Class And Full of Power & Shock Absorption.
Free Shipping in the US on this scooter. 
400 lbs. maximum weight capacity. 

The Prowler is outfitted with a complete suspension not found on 98% percent of all mobility scooters. That's right 98% percent of mobility scooters do NOT have a suspension. They simply rely on the tires alone to absorb the bumps in the terrain while in motion. Most consumers don't even think to look for a suspension system when shopping for a mobility scooter. Take it for a short ride and you will immediately recognize the role a suspension system plays in delivering a smooth ride that truly makes for an enjoyable trip on most any surface. Choose a 20" or 22" set width in the drop down menu. 

Speeds up to 8 miles per hour are possible! 

  1. Deluxe Delta Tiller Dash Board 
  1. Deluxe Reclining Captain Seat 
  1. That Is Fully Adjustable 
  1. Flip Up Adjustable Arm Rest 
  1. Heavy Duty Detachable Basket 
  1. Fully Adjustable Tiller 
  1. Seat Swivel Lever For 360 Degrees 
  1. Puncture Proof Solid Foam Tires 
  1. Anti-Tip Wheels 
Headlight Assembly With Complete Light Package with Turn Signals,Headlights, Hazards, and Tail Lights

With its highly efficient motors and rear wheel drive, the Prowler is the perfect 'All Terrain' scooter giving you that extra power and longevity to travel up to 50 miles on a single charge. The Prowler has proven itself in extreme conditions: rain, ice, mud, gravel, snow, and steep slopes –delivering that sense of comfort and reliability that all end users desire in a scooter!  The luxurious Com-For-Fit Contoured seat with "Superior Pressure Free Foam" comes standard, as does the Full Suspension delivering a comfortable ride and the stability to do easy stable transfers. It also swivels 360 degrees and has fully adjustable, flip up arm rests and a well padded, height adjustable, head rest. The arm rests adjust in width from 18" up to 30". They also adjust in height from 6" to as high as 15". 

The Prowler offers plenty of leg room and will accommodate a person from four feet tall up to six feet, six inches tall. The Prowler has a fully adjustable tiller and height adjustable contoured seat. This combination allows the Prowler the flexibility to adjust and meet the needs of many different sizes.

Quick and easy tiller adjustment knob allows the dash or control steering panel to adjust infinitely, front to back, locking solid in place to fit you comfortably. The tiller adjustment knob also allows the control steering panel to fold down flat when the seat is removed for easy traveling.

Standard Features:

  • 12” Puncture Proof, Anti-Tip Wheels
  • Keyed Anti-theft Ignition
  • Battery Light Indicator
  • High Torque Motor
  • Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Complete Suspension System
  • Fully Adjustable Captain’s Chair
  • Deluxe ABS Padded Seat
  • Adjustable Flip-Up Armrests
  • Fully Adjustable Delta Tiller
  • Thumb Lever Controls
  • Speed Dial
  • Reverse
  • Three Phase Horn
  • Emergency Hand Brake
  • Light Weight Alloy
  • Front Basket
  • Complete Light Package 

Technical Specifications & Dimensions:

Overall Dimensions 

57” L x 26” W x 48” H 


Yes – Deluxe

Weight (Total) 

Package 207 lbs.

Range (approximate) 

35 -45 miles 

Battery (Airline Friendly)

12V 36/50 A/h 

Ground Clearance


Turning Radius


Flat Free Tire Size 

Front 3”x1 0”; Back 4”x1 2”


Up to 8 mph 

Electronic Brakes


Regenerative & Dynamic

Posi-Lock” Electric

Additional Braking 

“Transaxle & Emergency

Rear Wheel Drive 


Seat Dimensions 

20 or 22" width


18.5”” (Flip up Armrests for greter comfort) 



Backrest Height 


Swivel Seat 

360 degrees 

Reclining Backrest 


Seat Height from Ground 

Adjustable 24” to 32” 

Power Source 

2 x 12 Volt Battery

Plug-In Battery

FAA Approved; Non-Spill-able   

Universal Charger

(On Board) 110V or 220V


Incline Stability


260 lbs.

14 degrees –22 % grade

300 lbs.

12 degrees – 20% grade

340 lbs.

10 degrees –18% grade

380 lbs.

8 degrees –14% grade


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